Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the end each clan on the outlying coasts beyond the whale-road had to yield to The Wednesday Quiz


The Wednesday Quiz, in its third incarnation, is basically the same old weekly game of knowledge, intuition, inductive reasoning, and willingness to risk public embarrassment in a friendly and moderately supportive environment!!  With a minor twist that will probably make it rather difficult at first!  

Traditionally, it is a closed-book quiz.

It is very possible that answers will come out over the weekend.

1. What Danish religious philosopher, often considered the first existentialist, gave us the concept of a leap of faith?

2. What country produced this postage stamp?

3. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is the current President of the world's fourth most populous country.  What's the country?

4. The two big rivals among big-name composers in London in the 1710s were one Giovanni Bononcini and another guy, whose name has survived better. Of them, it was written:
Some say that Signor Bononcini
Compar'd to ______'s a mere ninny;
Others aver, to him, that ________
Is scarcely fit to hold a candle.
Who is the guy who won out over Singor Bononcini the long run?

5. What artist made these works?

6. Founded in 1831 and stationed in Algeria until the 1960s, this elite military force accepts recruits of any nationality.

7. The Cello Concerto and the Sea Pictutres are his best, in my personal opinion, but The Enigma Variations are better known. But mostly you associate him with graduations.

8. The landmark concept of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, this idea was all the rage in English departments for a decade or two. It's pretty incoherent if you really get in there and try to define it, but was popular as a vague piece of jargon deployed to imply "taking a close, analytical look at a text." [Caveat: The blog Shakespearean, while acknowledging the basic truth of the following, points out that "there's a lot more to it than that."]

9. This town stands near a city of antiquity that is probably most well known for having been sent some famous letters.

10. What famous tale says of Shield Sheafson,
A foundling to start with, he would flourish late on
as his powers waxed and his worth was proved.
In the end each clan on the outlying coasts
beyond the whale-road had to yield to him
and begin to pay tribute. That was one good king.

Take a close, analytical look at the text of the clues, and put your answers in the comments.  


Elaine said...

1. Kierkegaard
2. Japan
3. Indonesia
4. Handel
5. in, Gee, I wish I knew
6. French Foreign Legion
7. Elgar
8. Digging deep?
9. Corinth?
10. Beowulf

Mostly guessing. Can't wait for more Comments so I can learn the true depths of my ignorance!

Voron X said...

Wow, this one is really hard. Incidentally, I started at the bottom and worked my way up.

1. I was going to say "Kafka" but I think he's German or something, and was more of a writer anyway, but then I remembered Kirkegaard (sp?), which sounds much more correct.

2. At first, the letters looked almost Korean to me, but this is a "J" letter, and there are no little "|O" s in the letters. Gotta go with Japan. Who does stylized letters well.

3. India and China are #s 1 & 2, so, staying in that part of the world, I'm going with Indonesia.

4. Handel rhymes with Candle, so I'm going with that.

5. Argh! Art/Music questions are the bane of my existence. So, I'll have to throw out some random artist with a "G" name. But I'm sure it's not Gaugin. I don't think it's Georgia O Keefe, either. I don't know who Godel is, or if said berson is an artist, but that name is in the book Godel Esher Bach, and that's as good as any, and these have a weird "mathy" look to them. So, Godel. With an umlaut.

6. The French Foreign Legion! And I know that because the wonderful Epic Comics Graphic Novel series "Alien Legion" from the 80s was based off of it.

7. Yuck, another Art/Music question. Give me Science, Geography, or Antiquities any day. Is he the guy that did the "Pomp and Circumstance Marches? E...Enigma-man...Ereshkigal, Enkidu, Euler, Erasmus, Erichthonius, Einstein, Eritrea, Eris, encephalitis, gimme some Enspiration...a composer that starts with "E" it a first name? Eric/h something... Eugene.. Edward... I can't remember the name of the Pomp and Circumstance guy from the Clockwork Orange Soundtrack, but I'm sure it's him.

8. I could be a smart-ass and say "Derridation", but since I don't *really* have anything other that an educated guess into the mysterious realm of English Pedagoguey (sp?), I'm going to have to say "Deconstruction".

9. Duh, Corinth, that buffer between Sparta and Athens.

10. The kenning is a give-away. It might be some obscure Scandanavian offering, but the big bad Beowulf has the right letter.

Voron X said...

I don't feel bad for not knowing #5 AT ALL. Never heard of the guy. #7, well, maybe I should have remembered better, but eh, whatever. #8, excellent, go me!

mrs.5000 said...

I think I can do this!
1 Kierkegaard
2 Japan
3 Indonesia
4 Handel
5 Goldsworthy
6 French Foreign Legion
7 Elgar
8 deconstructionism
9 Corinth
10 Beowulf

Michael5000 said...

That's what comes of living with the quizmaker for eight years. And vice versa.

Ben said...

1. Klegebruggen
2. Japan (is that an Akita?)
3. Indonesia
4. Handel
5. Guggenheim
6. The Foreign Legion (they accept dogs and birds too, if Peanuts is any indication)
7. Elgar
8. Digging into
9. Corinth
10. Beowulf

Christine M. said...

1. dunno
2. Japan
3. Indonesia
4. Handel
5. i <3 Andy Goldsworthy
6. The French Foreign Legion
7. dunno
8. deconstruction
9. dunno
10. dunno

gS49 said...

1. Kirkegaard
2. Japan
3. Indonesia
4. Handle
5. Gggg..uh uh --that guy
6. Foreign Legion
7. Elgar
8. Deconstructionism
9. Corinth
10. Beowulf

Aviatrix said...

1. Kant - I'm so glad it didn't begin with S
2. Japan - the writing is oddly stylized, didn't recognize it
3. Indonesia - Bambang did it
4. Handel - Did he invent the sing-a-long show?
5. Gertrude Greer - I can't remember the names of those people who wrap buldings in silk or aluminum.
6. French Foreign Legion - but only men, they don't let women join
7. Edwin Erlenmeyer, the inventor of the graduated erlenmeyer flask.
8. Deconstructionalism
9. I want to say Carthage, but I think that was in Phonecia not there, and the letters were to the Corinthians, except I'm sure Corinth is better known for the leathers than the letters, and anyway how would I know WHICH town when the hints are for the city it stands near?
10. Darn, I recently read something that mentioned the term "whale-road." The author was more enamoured of the term than am I. But I'm blanking on appropriate texts. Beowulf seems too old, but it's the best I can offer.

UnwiseOwl said...

1. Mr. Kirkegarde. The guard of the church.
2. Has to be Nippon.
3. Indonesia, the powerhouse in the Oceania region.
4. Handel rhymes with Candle. Hallelujah.
5. Goode, Johnny B.? I have no idea.
6. Foreign Legion, French.
7. Elgar, maybe? I don't associate him with anything except Good Omens.
8. D...Derivitism? I got nothing.
9. Must be Corinth, thanks, Paulie.
10. Beowulf, I think. It's on the list.

Libby said...

Oh! That artist guy!! I watched a documentary about him with my mom the last time I was at my parent's house. You'd think after an hour and a half of watching him pile up rocks I'd remember his name.

dhkendall said...

1. Kierkegaard
2. Japan
3. Indonesia
4. Handel
5. ... gin and tonics jingle in a gyroscopic jubilee of something beginning with G ...
6. La Legion Francais Etranger
7. Elgar
8. Dadaism
9. Corinth
10. Beowulf