The Infinite Art Tournament Bracket Semi-Finals
Revised October 1, 2017. 
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The "Semi-Finals" are Rounds 4-7 of the Infinite Art Tournament.  Out of the 512 artists granted an initial Round 1 bracket spot, 128 will have made it to the semi-finals.  Those entering to the right of the green line are still in the Main Bracket -- they are undefeated, and will drop into the Left Bracket in the event of a loss.  Those entering to the left of the green line have nothing to lose, and half of them will only have their name written one time on this sheet, once it is full.

Schedule: There is currently a semi-finals contest on the first weekend of every odd-numbered month, and on the Third Thursday of every month.  These matches are from Round 5 in the Main Bracket, or Round 4, Round 4 Elimination, or Round 5 in the Left Bracket.  At the beginning of every even-numbered month, we start a Main Bracket Round 4 contest.

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