Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Infinite Art Tournament, Left Bracket Second Round: Johns v. Jordaens!

Jasper Johns
b. 1930

Stunned by underdog Gwen John in Round 1.
Beat Domenico Beccafumi in First Round Elimination.

Jacob Jordaens
1593 - 1678

Beat living artist Allen Jones after a tough fight in Round 1.
Lost to Frida Kahlo in Round 2.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Art Treasures of the Castle5000 Collection: "The Box"

This masthead is based on the shipping box for the 1950s "Art Treasures of the World" art book series.

The Box
by Mrs.5000
Wooden Box filled with lots of stuff
One-of-a-kind item

Gift, c. 2004.

The Box was given to me by Mrs.5000 around ten years ago.

Although I mentioned it once several years ago, I've often asked myself, "Michael5000, how come you've never done a proper post on The Box?"  Well, as I took it outside to take these pictures, I remembered why.

It's really, really hard to photograph well.

But you get the idea!  What we have here is a triptych, my friends.  It is, I would go so far to say, reminiscent of late mediaeval devotional alters that wealthy folks could carry around with them so they could worship on the go.  Except, it doesn't really have much in the way of religious content.

There's lots to explore, including the mysterious drawers on the bottom.

And since it's done with mirrors, if you stare into The Box, it sometimes stares back at you.

So, that's kind of what The Box looks like.

Except it's about a million times cooler, in real life.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round One: Long v. Longhi!

Richard Long
born 1945


Pietro Longhi
1702 - 1785


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Saint of the Month: Saint Solina of Chartres

If Ste. Soline is the same person as St. Solina of Chartes, then this might very well
be a stained glass representation of our Saint of the Month, in the Church of
St. Pierre, in Chartres.

Saint Solina of Chartres

AKA: Saint Solina of Gascony
Feast Day: October 17.

Really Existed? Have my doubts.
Timeframe: The third century.
Place: France.

Credentials: Recognized by tradition.
Martyrdom: Beheaded.

Patron Saint of: No known patronage.
Symbolism: No known artistic tradition.

Our Saint of the Month for October 2014 is a very minor saint indeed. Which is not to say that she wasn't as virtuous, kind, or exemplary as any other saint. She's just not very well known. She is neither on Facebook nor the Wiki.

The outline of Saint Solina's story is that she fled her native Gascony, or Aquitaine -- southwestern France, anyway -- for the northern city of Chartres. It seems that she had become an enthusiastic Christian, to the disappointment of her parents, variously described as "pagan," "heathen," and "still clinging to the Roman religion." They pressured her to marry a nice heathen boy, but she would have none of it and headed north. Unfortunately, she does not seem to have fallen in with like-minded co-religionists, as we are told that she was martyred in Chartes by beheading.

That's as much as I could learn about Saint Solina in English or Norwegian. Possibly the French have better intel. The only elaboration I have seen of this basic story is from a Dutch website. The machine translation seems to suggest that she actually did find some fellow Christians in Chartres:
There had , in recent years two disciples of Jesus' apostles and Savinianus Potentianus ( † ca 250; party December 31 ) , the gospel preached to them. Because of them a cave which had hitherto devoted to a Druid - goddess mother , renamed the Mary Cave was.
Unfortunately, "Because the Roman government it had nothing to know , they had just put in the time to make a horrific persecution of Christians in rope." The city prefect, we are told, was especially displeased by young Christian women, including his own daughter, and it was him who had St. Solina put to the block.

I suppose that, on this feast day of St. Solina of Chartres, it would be appropriate to be thankful for the relatively limited power of municipal government in our enlighted times.

BUT WAIT!!  After looking for places named for St. Solina on a map of Chartres, and failing, I discovered the commune of Ste. Soline in the west of France.  I figured it must be named after a Ste. Soline, because I'm smart like that.  And here is what the French Wikipedia has to say about Ste. Soline:

Sainte Soline is a virgin and martyr from Poitou [in western France, north of Aquitaine/Gascony]. Canonized by the Catholic Church, it is celebrated on October 17 .

There is no precise or reliable information on the life of Sainte Soline . Some sources are often the late third century, about 290 Others say that his martyrdom took place in the year 801 .

It gave its name to the Poitevin village, Sainte- Soline, and the parish church there. She would come to Chartres in order to perform a pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary and she died a martyr in this city. A stained glass window in the church of the Holy Father is the Chartres.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Infinite Art Tournament, Left Bracket Round Three: Carrà v. Corot!

Carlo Carrà caught Caro, but can Carrà catch Corot?

Carlo Carrà
1881 - 1966

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
1796 - 1875
  • Beat 16th Century Italian Correggio in Round 1.
  • Surprised Gustave Courbet in Round 2.
  • Fought to a tie with Salvador Dali, believe it or not, in Round 3.
  • Slaughtered by Caillebotte in the Round 3 Tiebreaker.


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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Wednesday Post

The Avatar shares from his stamp collection.

Since my running Avatar last checked in from Lusk, Wyoming, he ziggled south on US 85, zaggled east on US 26, and ran triumphantly across the boundary of his sixth state: Nebraska!

After the wilds of Idaho, the mountains of southwestern Montana, and the wide, wide open spaces of Wyoming, the Nebraska Great Plains feel relatively hopping!

Or if not really "hopping" per se, at least "inhabited."

The Avatar is currently taking a breather in the town of Scottsbluff.  Sometime in the next few days, he will run by Scotts Bluff itself, the unlikely prominence shown on this 1954 stamp:

And, if I'm not mistaken, on this 2002 stamp.  Nebraska is apparently pretty proud of its bluff, which after all towers literally several hundred feet over the surrounding prairie.

I like Nebraska!  I think it's the prettiest of the Plains States.  I hope the Avatar likes it too, because he's probably going to be logging a couple hundred miles there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Infinite Art Tournament, Left Bracket Second Round: Hunt v. Dufy!

William Holman Hunt
1827 - 1910

Lost to Ingres in Round 1.
Beat Alexei von Jawlensky by a single vote in First Round Elimination. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Raoul Dufy
1877 - 1953

Tied with Marcel Duchamp in a January 2013 First-Round match.
Gets by Lorenzo Ghiberti with flying colors in a First Round tiebreaker.
Came within two votes of American Edward Hopper in Round 2. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

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