The IAT Bracket, Section 8 of 8

The Infinite Art Tournament Bracket, Section 8 of 8
Updated April 7, 2017
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Technical Note: Brackets are subject to settling during First Round play. The pairs of artists that will meet in their initial appearance will indeed be exactly as indicated here.  However, the location of those First Round pairings relative to each other may be altered by First-Round ties, which are removed from their place in the bracket architecture. (Example: West will definitely enter the tournament vs. Van der Weyden, and Whistler v. Wilkie, but it is not guaranteed that the winners of those two contests will meet in the second round.)  

The blank spot in the second-to-last spot is held for re-entry of the lower artist from the final First-Round tie. These, too, are subject to revision as circumstances dictate.

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