Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wednesday Quiz is tall, tapered, four-sided, and has a little pyramid on top.


The Wednesday Quiz, in its third incarnation, is basically the same old weekly game of knowledge, intuition, inductive reasoning, and willingness to risk public embarrassment in a friendly and moderately supportive environment!!  With a minor twist that will probably make it rather difficult at first!  

Traditionally, it is a closed-book quiz.

It is very possible that answers will come out over the weekend.

1. Most of its population lives in a long, narrow strip at the base of the Wasatch Mountains.

2. Perhaps the largest India-based company is an enormously diversified, privately-held, family-controlled firm. Its motor vehicles division owns the Jaguar and Land Rover brands as well as producing its own "Nano," the least expensive road car in the world. What is the name of this economic giant?

3. The Babylonians looked back at him as the man who
had neither rival nor equal. His splendor, over the lands it diffused. He crossed the sea in the east. In the eleventh year he conquered the western land to its farthest point. He brought it under one authority. He set up his statues there and ferried the west's booty across on barges. He stationed his court officials at intervals of five double hours and ruled in unity the tribes of the lands.
After establishing himself as the king of Kish, he went on to conquer the city-states of Sumeria and found the Akkadian Empire, possibly the first large, multi-ethnic, centrally controlled political entity in history. Who was this remarkable guy?

4. This Wikipedia entry on a noted British rock band of the 1960s is written in what language?

5. What's the name of the state shown here in orange?

6. What opera contributed two of its arias, "Summertime" and "It Ain't Necessarily So," to the list of American jazz standards?

7. It's tall, tapered, four-sided, and has a little pyramid on top. That makes it a classic ____________.

8. It begins after Moses receives the law, but ends before the Israelites are allowed to enter the Promised Land.

9. He didn't really "invent radio," but he was the first guy to make the technology usable and useful. Close enough.

10. The Canadian province that people call "Newfoundland" isn't just the island of Newfoundland; it also includes a big chunk of the North American mainland. This mainland area has two-thirds of the province's area, but only about a twentieth of its population. What's it called?


Contribute your answers to the list of American jazz standards.  


Christine M. said...

1. Utah
2. dunno
3. dunno
4. Romanian
5. Quintana Roo
6. Porgy & Bess
7. obelisk
8. dunno
9. Marconi
10. Labrador

gS49 said...

1. Utah
2. T followed by a bunch of letters
3. Sennacherib
4. Romanian
5. Qintana Roo
6. Porgy and Bess
7. Obelisk
8. Numbers
9. Marconi
10. Labrador

Voron X said...

really hard this week.
1. Utah
2. dunno. Taj something? "The Company"
3. Saruman. Samara. Sammurabi. Sebuchadnezzar. I can't believe I don't know this.
4. Romanian?
5. Qintana Roo
6. Percival?
7. Obelisk
8. Numbers
9. Marconi
10. Labrador

mrs.5000 said...

1 Utah
2 Thenameescapesme Co.
3 Splenderifero
4 Romanian
5 Quetzelcoatlonia
I'm not doing very well this week, am I?
6 Porgy and Bess!
7 obelisk
8 Numbers
9 Marconi
10 Labradoodle--I mean, Labrador. Maybe they should call the province Labranewfie?

Eavan Moore said...

2. Tata.
4. Romanian. I know this because of the Numa Numa song, no lie.
6. Porgy and Bess.
7. Obelisk.
9. Marconi.
10. Labrador.

Ben said...

1. Uzbekistan
2. I know I've heard this before, because I can remember hearing about the Nano on NPR. I had thought Jaguar was owned and produced by Ford, which is definitely NOT an Indian company starting with T. I really have no idea.
3. Solomon
4. I see a lot of similarities to Spanish and the Romance languages, but I can't think of any that start with R. I don't suppose the answer is "Romance"... Romanian?
5. Quetzacoatl
6. Porgy and Bess
7. Obelisk
8. Numbers
9. Marconi
10. Lapland

Elaine said...

1.Upper Olympian Peninsula
2. T
3. Sumer
4. Romanian
5. Quetzal (Yeah, I know.)
6. 'Porgy and Bess'
7. Obelisk
8. Nowheresville (forty years of wandering)
9. Marconi
10. Lesser Newfoundland

Elaine said...

Wow, how painful.

cecil said...

no clue
Quintana Roo
Porgy & Bess
Labrador, where the dogs come from.

pfly said...

1. You-tah!
2. This I don't know
3. Sag, Sass, Sumething, Sargun?
4. Romanian--what else looks like a cross between Czech and French?
5. Qatar! Um... Qancun?
6. Porgy an' Bess, natch
7. Obuleesk
8. Digits! No, integers... no no... numerals! Wait...
9. Marcaroni and cheese
10. Labatts! No wait, Labrador

Qov said...

1. Uruguay - Hey my first guess was Boliva, right continent right off!
2. Tiger - I know there's an airline called that, anyway.
3. My first guess was Ozymandius, 'cause I love the poem. Solomon, Sam, Sidney, Saurumon, Sauron, Sumardude. Whoever he was, he had fifteen fingers on each hand and fifteen toes on each foot.
4. Hmm! It's a Romance language but not one of the ones that has its own country. Lots of Frenchlikeness and Spanishlikeness. Maybe Catalan, Lange d'Oc, that thing they speak in Switzerland: Romanche? I would think it didn't have enough German in it to be Romanche, but maybe they have enough German in their other languages. It seems too understandable to be Romanian, 'cause I know a Romanian person online and she never makes any sense.
5. Quintanaroo - also a brand of triathlon equipment
6. Pavaroti has something to do with opera.
7. Obelisk - as opposed to the menhirs that he delivers
8. Numbers is a bible book I think. Nefertiti isn't. Nor is Ninja.
9. Marconi - Italian crackpot inventors are the best kind.
10. Labrador - I'm pretty sure they renamed the province a few years ago to be named "Newfoundland and Labrador" but that would make the question pretty easy, wouldn't it?

Eavan said...

Joan Didion and her husband named their daughter Quintana Roo. I did wonder why.

Michael5000 said...

Hello! I've been asked to provide the answers to this Quiz of long ago. Here goes!

1. Utah. Check this out!
2. Tata.
3. Sargon. He's the first one!
4. Romanian. Investigating "Numa Numa song."
5. Quintana Roo.
6. Porgy and Bess.
7. Obelisk.
8. Numbers.
9. Marconi.
10. Labrador. The province is indeed "Newfoundland and Labrador" these days, hence the evasive wording of the question.

This "Numa Numa" business is... not my cup of tea. I'm more of a "Waka Waka" man.