Thursday, May 31, 2012

Month to Month Resolutions, June 2012

Categories and Goals for June 2012

My Month-to-Month Resolutions at this point are more shall we say gestural than in the nature of a real regimen.  But I don't want to be too tough on myself, because it's not like I've fallen all to pieces.  I'm proud of a really aggressive month of running, for instance; I ended up crushing my old monthly mileage record and crossing the 100-mile barrier for the first time; I'm running another half-marathon next weekend, slowly but in a sedate and stately fashion, as befits a man of my years.  I have also been on a crazy quilting binge, slapping together a series of ten small scrap pieces with admirable dispatch, if I do say so myself.  I think it might have been Calico Cat who set me off.

Well anyway, let's check the damage.

Weighing-in: I have been weighing in, and have lost back to 200 pounds, which was where I intended to start from.  So that's actually been pretty good.
  • June Goal: I will continue weighing myself every morning in the established manner, finally implementing the 10 cents per tenth of a pound over 200 pounds penalty come June.  This will be assessed immediately each morning out of my coin jar, and at the end of June we can figure something to do with it.
Push-ups: I was doing so well in winter, but I've had a hell of a time keeping it going into spring.  Maybe it was a mistake to divorce it from the date, which kept it kind of fun and weird.  Nevertheless:
  • June Goal: I wish to perform 50 push-ups a day. 
Pull-ups: I finally, after various travails, managed to purchase a pull-up thingy, and get it assembled, and find that I could not use it anywhere in our home due to the crown mouldings.  So, I sold it on Craigslist for 1/4 of what I paid, to a guy who says it's working out great for his 12 year old son.  So that's OK.
  • June Goal: None.
Cola: With no goal this month, I nevertheless stopped drinking cola until the sun is over the yardarm, which has done more to limit my intake than all the rulesmaking this year.
  • June Goal: No cola before the sun is over the yardarm.
Veggies: Again, I've paid less attention to my rules, but probably eaten a little better this month.
  • June Goal: Eh, we'll see.
Paper Mail Sent: Yeah, I don't know what has happened to my paper mail output.  It's probably buried under all those quilts.

Writing Projects:
  • June Goal: Well, I'll have to work that out with "my authors," of course.
Quilting: I've been quilting like a madman!
  • June Goal: I don't really need goals right now.
And here's the new street map....


gl. said...

yes yes yes! *thumbs up*

Michael5000 said...

Excellent! What was the question, again?

Jenners said...

Your street map looks like it is from Harold and the Purple Crayon.

gl. said...

am i doing a good job? do you want to read my personal updates? do you care?

Michael5000 said...

Aww... What nice answers, then!

Jenners: Starting in July, it will look like it is from Harold and the Purple and Blue Crayons.