Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fifth Round Elimination: Not Quite Yet

Today was going to be the first day of FIFTH ROUND ELIMINATION -- I know you've all been excited about it -- but, as usual in this Tournament, something happened: the powerhouse pairing of Caravaggio and Church ended in... a tie.
Church, Caravaggio: tied.

 Now, it's possible that you haven't thought about this as much as I have, but as it's been like eight months now since the First Round of the Tournament wrapped up, there are fewer and fewer low-level matches to be played every week.  Also, the whole "bottom" half of the brackets has a ways to go to catch up with the "top" half, especially on the Left side.  What it adds up to is, there are only just enough matches in the hopper right now to keep us going at the three/week pace.  

So while Church and Caravaggio head back to their practice ataliers, we're not going to move on to the next scheduled match -- we're just going to kick back and take the weekend off of voting.  Or, better yet, we can go back and catch up on the back matches that we never got to!  There's a list right there in the side bar of everything that's still open!


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Morgan said...

Nice, break up the cluster of C's. Now we just need a similar thing to happen in the M and W ranges.