Thursday, July 12, 2018

Left Bracket Fourth Round Elimination: Rivera v. Sisley!

This Left Bracket Fourth Round Elimination Match pairs household name Diego Rivera (5-1, 44-26, .629) and Alfred Sisley (6-1-1, 63-31, .670).  They got here by defeating Henri Rousseau (3-2-1, 32-37, .464) and Salvator Rosa (3-2, 29-23, .558), respectively.

Diego Rivera
1886 - 1957

Alfred Sisley
1839 - 1899


Michael5000 said...

Mariah opens bidding on FB with a vote for Rivera.

Christine M. said...


Morgan said...

Rivera, but boy it's close for me. I think Rivera #4 is my favorite painting of the ones shown.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

This one was close, but I think I'll go Rivera just because he had something to say politically.

Chance said...

Rivera by a mile for me. Much more important subject matter, much more vibrant and engaging. Those landscapes are pretty yawn-inducing.

Sarah Braun Hamilton said...


boonec1974 said...

I'll join the crowd for Rivera. Nice knowing you, Sisley!