Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Ladder of Art -- Week #22

Cast your votes for up to four of these seven artists by Friday May 3.  For clarifications, consult the Ladder of Art FAQ.

Last Week's Results

This Week's Contest

Emil Nolde
1867 - 1956

Tournament Record: Placed 453rd. Lost to Georgia O'Keeffe, tied with Kenneth Noland, lost to Gerard Ter Borch.

Willem Kalf
1622 - 1693

Tournament Record: Tied for 454th. Lost to Wassily Kandinsky and Richard Parkes Bonington.

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
French; worked in England

Tournament Record: Tied for 454th. Beaten by Gauguin and Taddeo Gaddi.

Sir Edwin Landseer
1802 - 1873

Tournament Record: Placed 457th. Beat Nicolas Lancret before losing to Georges de La Tour and Thomas Cole.
  • Tied for Third, Week #21.

Sir Joshua Reynolds
1723 - 1792

Tournament Record: Tied for 461st. Lost to Renoir and Guido Reni. 6 votes for, 17 votes against (.261).
  • Placed Second in Week #20.
  • Placed Second in Week #21.

Bernardino Luini
c. 1481 - 1532

Tournament Record: Tied for 461st. Lost to Mabuse, AKA Jan Gossaert, and to Aristide Maillol. 6 votes for, 17 votes against (.261).
  • Tied for First in Week #19. 
  • Tied for Third in Week #21.

Charles-Fran├žois Daubigny
1817 - 1878

Tournament Record: Placed 505th.  Lost to Salvador Dali and Aelbert Cuyp. 4 votes for, 26 votes against (.133).
  • Finished First in Ladder Week #2.
  • Finished First again in Week #4.
  • ...and again in Week #6.
  • ...and in Week #8.
  • ...and in Week #10. 
  • ...and in Week #12. 
  • ...and in Week #14. 
  • ...and in Week #16.
  • ...and in Week #18. 
  • ...and in Week #20.

Cast up to four votes in the comments by Friday morning!


Michael5000 said...

...and I'll lead right off with a ticket of Kalf, Luini, Daubigny!

Candida said...

Kalf, Landseer, Reynolds, Daubigny.

Morgan said...

Strong new contenders! Nolde, Kalf, Gaudier-Brzeska, Daubigny.

boonec1974 said...

Daubigny of course. Willem "Red Lobster" too. Then Luini and Reynolds. Tempted to vote against Landseer, but I think I'll hold off on the hate vote until he makes it up few more rungs.

Elliott said...

Kalf, Landseer, Luini, and Daubigny.

Nora said...

Kalf, Daubigny, Landseer and Gaudier-Brzeska

mrs.5000 said...

I like the Kalf-Luini-Daubigny ticket.

DrSchnell said...

I'll also go for the Kalf - Luini - Daubigny triumvirate and I'll add in Gaudier-Brzeska for good measure.

Michael5000 said...

Susan says "Willem "Red Lobster" Kalf, Sir Edwin Landseer, Luini & Daubigny."

Michael5000 said...

And that's that! Kalf and Daubigny get the week off, it's back into the fray for Luini and Landseer, and the other three are out of the game... for now.