Monday, May 20, 2019

The Fifty States: Wyoming

Harem Garden, by the astonishingly versatile Wyoming artist Harry Jackson.

Size: 253,600 km2 (10th)

2018 Population: 577,737 (50th)

Statehood: 1890 (44th)

American Human Development Index: 5.10 (25th)

Art Mecca:

When I enter "Wyoming museum" into the ol' search engine, it autofills with "of military vehicles," which hints that we might be barking up the wrong tree if we're hoping to find the Louvre this month.  But, as there's a dusting of population across the least populous U.S. state, there's a dusting of art, too.  Several of the towns have arts centers, and some may sneak a little art into their local historical museums.

The National Museum of Wildlife Art, in a shambling faux castle in Jackson Hole, looks like fun.  I mean, paintings of animals, am I right?  They've got lots of the bigger names in American painting in their collection.  And yes, they have a Landseer.  I wondered too, so I checked.  

Do they have anything less... thematic?  Well, at the opposite corner of the state, in cosmopolitan Laramie, we've got the University of Wyoming Art Museum.  It shares a building with an archive and rare book library, and it couldn't really go head-to-head with the collection of your average New England liberal arts college, but it's clearly got some good stuff to look at.  It's got pieces by a handful of Tournament artists -- Thomas Hart Benton, Maillol, Rauschenberg, Signac -- and some interesting special collections, like Persian and Indian miniatures and 20th century Haitian art.  Hats off to 'em for not being all "Go Cowboys!" despite being in the heart of the Western Art Belt.

The UW Museum is free, y'all!  Free!  Whereas, Jackson Hole is tourist country and they are awake to the opportunity of generating revenue accordingly.  It's also child-friendly, obviously a bit of a drawback unless you are planning on bringing children.

Michael 5000's Wyoming

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If I ever have the chance to take a slow drive across the country, which is not impossible, I might mosey down the central tier of Wyoming.  The Avatar enjoyed it a lot when he did it.

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Nichim said...

If that trip happens, stop by Pinedale and visit my friends Gus and Isabel. Isabel is a visual artist (not to mention a direct descendant of Hegel [and Rudy Rucker, who is her dad]) and you could appreciate her art. And you could visit the Museum of the Mountain Man. It's worth it just for the scenery but my friends are great too.