Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Ladder of Art -- Week #87

Happy Halloween.  Cast votes for up to four of these seven artists by Saturday, November 7.  For clarifications, consult the Ladder of Art FAQ.

Last Week's Results
1. Chase: 8
2. Martini: 7
3. Moholy-Nagy: 4
3. Lowry: 4
5. Gozzolli: 3
6. Cragg: 3
7. Legar: 2

This Week's Contest

Josef Albers
Dutch; worked in the United States

Tournament Record: Placed 294th. Lost to Agasse, beat Allston and Andre, Tied with Alma-Tadema, lost to Avercamp. 29 votes for, 37 against (.439).

Cindy Sherman
Born 1954

Tournament Record: Placed 295th. Lost to Sheeler, beat Sickert and Serra, lost to Severini. 21 votes for, 27 against (.438).

Edward Burra
1905 - 1976

Tournament Record: Placed 296th. Beat Burri, lost to Caillebotte and Canova. 21 votes for, 27 against (.438).

László Moholy-Nagy
1895 - 1946
Hungarian; worked in Germany and U.S.

Tournament Record: Tied for 297th. Tied with Mondrian, lost to Modigliani, beat Ramsay, lost to Redon. 20 votes for, 26 against (.435).
  • Placed Second in Week #86.

Simone Martini
c.1284 - 1344

Tournament Record: Tied for 297th. Defeated Masaccio, tied with Martin, lost to Marc and van Doesburg. 20 votes for, 26 against (.435).
  • Tied for Third in Week #86.

Richard Long
born 1945

Tournament Record: Tied for 299th. Defeated Longhi, lost to Benton and Lorenzetti. 16 votes for, 21 against (.432).
  • Placed First in Week #85.

L.S. Lowry
1887 - 1973

Tournament Record: Placed 305th. Defeated Lucas van Leyden, lost to Andy Goldsworthy, tied with Maillol, lost to the Master of Moulins. 21 votes for, 28 against (.429). 

  • Placed Second, Week #83. 
  • Placed Second, Week #84. 
  • Tied for Second, Week #85. 
  • Tied for Third in Week #86.

Cast up to four votes in the comments by Saturday morning!


Morgan said...

I like all of these! My votes are Albers, Sherman, Burra, and Martini.

Candida said...

Moholy-Nagy, Lowry.

Susan Collard said...

OK, I'll go with Albers, Martini, Sherman, and Long.

Michael5000 said...

And the other Susan says: "VOTES -- Albers, Moholy-Nagy, Cindy Sherman, LS Lowry."

Michael5000 said...

Albers WOOOO, then also Long and Sherman.

chuckdaddy said...

Not feeling these. I'll go Lowry, Martini, Burra, and a vote against Moholy-Nagy.

Nora said...

Lowry, Sherman, Moholy-Nagy, and Long

Elliott said...

Lowry, Long, and Burra. Vote against Martini.