Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Ladder of Art -- Week #90

Cast votes for up to four of this week's slate of seven artists by Saturday, November 28.  For clarifications, consult the Ladder of Art FAQ.

Last Week's Results
1. Chase: 7
2. Derain: 6
3. Wood: 5
4. Long: 4
4. Lowry: 4
6. Ruysch: 1
7. Sherman: 0

This Week's Contest

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
1796 - 1875

Tournament Record: Placed 288th. Beat Correggio and Courbet, tied with Dali, lost to Caillebotte and CarrĂ . 29 votes for, 36 against (.446).

Hans Memling
1433 - 1494
German; worked in Flanders

Tournament Record: Placed 289th. Beat Mengs, lost to Matisse and Laurencin. 16 votes for, 20 against (.444).

André Derain
1880 - 1954

Tournament Record: Placed 295th. Lost to Diebenkorn and Denis. 12 votes for, 15 against (.444).

  • Placed Second in Week #89.

Maurice Utrillo
1883 - 1955

Tournament Record: Tied for 290th. Lost to Vallotton and Uccello. 21 votes for, 27 against (.438).
  • Placed First in Week #88.

Grant Wood
1892 - 1942

Tournament Record: Placed 292nd. Beat Wright of Derby, lost to Wyeth, beat Wilson, lost a grudge match with Wright of Derby. 21 votes for, 27 against (.438).
  • Tied for Fourth, Week #88.
  • Placed Third, Week #89.

Richard Long
born 1945

Tournament Record: Tied for 299th. Defeated Longhi, lost to Benton and Lorenzetti. 16 votes for, 21 against (.432).
  • Placed First in Week #85.
  • Tied for Third in Week #87. 
  • Tied for Second in Week #88. 
  • Tied for Fourth in Week #89. 

L.S. Lowry
1887 - 1973

Tournament Record: Placed 305th. Defeated Lucas van Leyden, lost to Andy Goldsworthy, tied with Maillol, lost to the Master of Moulins. 21 votes for, 28 against (.429). 

  • Placed Second, Week #83. 
  • Placed Second, Week #84. 
  • Tied for Second, Week #85. 
  • Tied for Third in Week #86.
  • Tied for First in Week #87. 
  • Tied for Fourth in Week #89.

Cast up to four votes in the comments by Saturday morning!


Morgan said...

Corot (cool trees) Derain (love the dinner scene) Utrillo (pretty city) and Wood (the George Washington painting is the best painting in the world). Close runner up to Memling (Jesus is dead and that makes me bored)

Michael5000 said...

I'll go with Corot and Wood (Stone City Iowa really kicks my butt), and let's see, I'll stick with Long. It's hard not to like Utrillo, but I feel like he's overachieving a bit. So I won't vote for him, but will rather continue to apply downward pressure on Lowry.

Charlie said...

Well, I like the first four too much to cast a vote against Wood this week. So: Corot, Derain, Utrillo, and Memling.

Candida said...

Corot, Wood, Long, Lowry.

Michael5000 said...

Susan says: "VOTES --Corot, Derain -- I never saw that Last Supper before. Prefer his Fauve paintings. Utrillo & LS Lowry.

mrs5000 said...

I'm on Charlie's side this week, except I like the first four too much to vote for Wood or Long. So, Corot, Memling, Derain, and Utrillo.

Nora said...

Long, Corot, Utrillo, and Lowry.

Elliott said...

Elliott is voting for Lowry and Corot (nice!), and against Wood (my son!) and Utrillo (What? How could you?)