Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Ladder of Art -- Week #92

Cast votes for up to four of this week's slate of seven artists by Saturday, December 12.  For clarifications, consult the Ladder of Art FAQ.

Last Week's Results
1. Chase: 7
2. Derain: 6
3. Utrillo: 5
4. Long: 4
5. de Heem: 3
6. Bronzino: 2
7. Lowry: 1

This Week's Contest

Jan Van Eyck
1390ish - 1441
Tournament Record: Placed 282nd. Beat Etty and Estes, lost to Eakins and Fabritius. 22 votes for, 27 against (.449).

Gerrard Dou
1613 - 1675

Tournament Record: Placed 283rd. Tied with Dove, lost to Oudry, beat Merz, lost to Miró. 22 votes for, 27 against (.449).

Christian Schad
1894 - 1982

Tournament Record: Placed 284th. Lost to Schiele, beat Schmidt-Rottluff, lost to van Scorel. 13 votes for, 16 against (.448).

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
1796 - 1875

Tournament Record: Placed 288th. Beat Correggio and Courbet, tied with Dali, lost to Caillebotte and Carrà. 29 votes for, 36 against (.446).

  •  Placed First, Week #90.

André Derain
1880 - 1954

Tournament Record: Placed 295th. Lost to Diebenkorn and Denis. 12 votes for, 15 against (.444).
  • Placed Second in Week #89. 
  • Tied for Second in Week #90.
  • Placed Second in Week #91.

Maurice Utrillo
1883 - 1955

Tournament Record: Tied for 290th. Lost to Vallotton and Uccello. 21 votes for, 27 against (.438).
  • Placed First in Week #88. 
  • Tied for Second in Week #90.
  • Placed Third in Week #91.

Richard Long
born 1945

Tournament Record: Tied for 299th. Defeated Longhi, lost to Benton and Lorenzetti. 16 votes for, 21 against (.432).

  • Placed First in Week #85.
  • Tied for Third in Week #87. 
  • Tied for Second in Week #88. 
  • Tied for Fourth in Week #89. 
  • Tied for Fourth in Week #90. 
  • Placed Fourth in Week #91. 

Cast up to four votes in the comments by Saturday morning!


Morgan said...

Let's see. Corot, Derain, and Utrillo for sure, and then any of the rest I like enough to give them the fourth spot. I'll vote for none of the rest.

Candida said...

I can get behind Van Eyck and... I guess that's about it this week.

chuckdaddy said...

Corot and Utrillo

I'm sure Van Eyck will continue on, and I get it. Great colors! Interesting details!! Fake-pregnant dresses!!! But I just can't get over the fact that so many of his people look like aliens. I'll do my last two for votes for the creepily interesting Shad and the growing-on-me Long.

mrs.5000 said...

Van Eyck, Dou, Utrillo, Corot

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Jan Van Eyck, Corot, Derain, Utrillo.

Michael5000 said...

Guess maybe I'll go Van Eyck, Dou, Utrillo, Long.

Elliott said...

Derain, Utrillo, Corot and Dou

Nora said...

Long, Utrillo, Derain, and Corot