Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Ladder of Art -- Week #112

Cast votes for up to four of this week's slate of seven artists by Saturday, November 13.  For clarifications, consult the Ladder of Art FAQ.

Last Week's Results
1. Hassam: 8
1. Chase: 8
3. Mucha: 6
3. De Hooch: 6
5. Man Ray: 2
6. Tamayo: 1
7. Sutherland: 1

This Week's Contest

Arthur Dove
1880 - 1946

Tournament Record: Placed 232nd. Tied with Dou, lost to Rockwell, beat Motherwell and Murillo, lost to the Master of Moulins. 27 votes for, 29 against (.482).

Jan van Scorel
1495 - 1562

Tournament Record: Placed 233rd. Defeated Sebastiano del Piombo, lost to Schwitters, beat Schad and Schongauer, lost to Seurat. 26 votes for, 28 against (.481).

Alexander Rodchenko
1891 - 1956

Tournament Record: Placed 234th. Defeated Rodin, lost to Orpen and Romney. 13 votes for, 14 against (.481).

Alphonse Mucha
1860 - 1939

Tournament Record: Placed 236th. Defeated Munch and Murillo, lost to Rockwell and Morisot. 22 votes for, 24 against (.478).

  •  Tied for Third, Week #111

Sir William Orpen
1878 - 1931

Tournament Record: Placed 241st. Tied with van Ostade, upset Mondrian, beat Rodchenko, lost to Rosa and Renoir. 28 votes for, 31 against (.475).
  • Tied for Second in Week #109 
  • Tied for First in Week #110

Pieter De Hooch
1629 - 1684

Tournament Record: Tied for 253rd. Beat van Honthorst and Homer (who recovered to place 7th!), lost to Varo, beat Hobbema, lost a rematch to Homer. 32 votes for, 37 against (.455).
  • Placed Second, Week #104
  • Placed First, Week #105
  • Tied for First, Week #107 
  • Tied for Second, Week #109
  • Placed Second, Week #110
  • Tied for Third, Week #111

Ferdinand Hodler
1853 - 1918

Tournament Record: Placed 275th. Defeated Hans Hofmann, tied with Hockney, beat Goya, Lost to Hiroshige and Homer. 28 votes for, 34 against (.452).
  • Placed First, Weeks #94, 96, and 98
  • Tied for First, Week #100
  • Placed First, Week #102, 104, and 106
  • Placed First again, Week #108
  • Tied for First, Week #110

Cast up to four votes in the comments by Saturday morning!


Chuckdaddy said...

The new 3 plus Hooch.

Jennifer said...

van Scorel, Mucha, De Hooch.

Nora Boone said...

my first vote is Mucha. I like the color and emotion. I also love the realism. its interesting because the two paintings are so similar and different at the same time. my second vote is orphan. both paintings make you wonder what they got there insperation from. I also love the expression on the guys face in the second painting. my third vote id hooch. I love the colors and how they use shadows and light. the architecture is amazing and the do a great job setting the seen. my last vote is holder. I love the bright colors and I like there art style.

mrs.5000 said...

OK! Orpen, de Hooch, Hodler, and van Scorel.

Michael5000 said...

Susan says: Alexander Rodchenko, Alphonse Mucha, De Hooch & Hodler.

Michael5000 said...

Then there's:

Köpek konuşmuyor. Portland'da sessizdir. Bu üzücü. Ama Sezen Aksu'nun dediği gibi ağlamak güzeldir. Seçerıyorum.

Scorel güzeldir
Rodchenko iyidir (güzel değil)
Orpen çok güzeldir
De Hooch çok güzel, çok guzeldir (Eartha Kitt'in dediği gibi)

Teşekkürler ederim.

Michael5000 said...

And I guess I'll go with Scorel, De Hooch, and Rodchenko.