Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Monday Quiz XIX

Modern Art

Yes, again.

1. The following three images are typical samples of what living artist's work?

2. This work is typical of what early 20th Century painter?

3. These two images are typical of what mid- and late-20th Century painter?

4. These three photographs are typical of the work of what living artist?

5. These three images are typical of the work of what mid-20th Century artist?

Extra Credit: What can you tell me about this?

Submit your answers in the comment.

Note: Since we live and breathe at least two of these artists here at Castle5000, and since the piece in the Extra Credit question looms rather large in my personal life, Mrs.5000 has been disqualified from today's Quiz. She's taking it pretty well.


Elizabeth said...

Ah, the blank canvas of the comments board, at which I shall, Pollock-like, throw seemingly random bits of colorful commentary.

1. Christo, and his wife. Don't forget his wife.

2. Mondrian.

3. Rex somebody? Hopeless.

4. No idea but I look forward to finding out.

5. Robert Stroud.

fingerstothebone said...

1. Christo (and his wife, I believe they collaborate on their projects...Claude?)
2. Mondrian
3. Lichtenstein
4. Goldsworthy
5. Cornell
EC. Spiral Jetty, I think it's in the Great Salt Lake, made by, dang, can't remember his name. Died young, but made other 'earth art' work too, including a miniature Central Park on a tug boat.

Anonymous said...

1 / Cristo
2 / Mondrian ?
3 / Lichetenstein
4 / Goldsworthy
5 / Boxwood
EC / Nada! (at least I got this one right)

The Calico Cat said...

Christo & Jean Claude
Roy Lichtenstein
Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty Located in the Great Salt Lake.

Watching TeeVee makes me smart. 1, 3, 4, & e.c. - I know from watching the boob tube!

Cartophiliac said...

1. Cristo

2. Blocksto

3. Bizzaro

4. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace

5. Theodore Geisel

bonus: Proctor & Gamble

Christine M. said...

1. Christo and Jeanne-Claude

2. Piet Mondrian

3. Roy Lichtenstein

4. Andy Goldsworthy

5. Joseph Cornell

x-tra credit: It's Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson

d said...

cristo/christo (i can never remember how it's spelled)



wow. i have no idea, but they're gorgeous.


spiral jetty in salt lake (i think)

Jennifer said...

I don't know any of these. Sadly, I was thinking even if you changed the "what artist" question to "what artistic movement does this represent," I'd still be sunk.

All I can say for sure is

#4 is very cool, especially that meandering fence,

and #5 makes me think fondly of the work of Mrs5000, except that I wouldn't call her mid-20th century, so I'm guessing it's not actually her.

And the Extra Credit is intriguing.

So--I know I'm not collecting any points here today, but I did enjoy the pretty pictures as advertised.

photobrea said...

I finally know enough of these to not embarrass myself completely! I knew that art history degree would come in handy some day.

1. Christo
2. Mondrian
3. Roy Lichtenstein (sp?)
4. Andy Goldworthy
5. Ack! absolutely no idea

extra credit. Great Salt Lake, Utah. earthwork. at one point was covered by water. don't know the artist, although I probably should.

Anonymous said...

YIKES! I can't even think of a whisper of a name for ANY of these! Good stumping Michael!

Anonymous said...

Now, in the clear light of morning, looking at the Extra Credit shot again, I'm pretty sure it's the symbol for the artist formerly known as Prince.

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid I am a major buzzkill every Monday. Here goes:

1. Senor Hoja de Cama
2. Damn. I know I know this...
3. And this...
4. I'm going to say Michael5000 is the photographer.
5. And these look an awful lot like the brilliant Mrs5000's works.

Rebel said...

1. Christo (sp?)
2. hmmm... Miro
3. roy lichtenstein
4. no idea
5. Mrs5K?
6. Oh I know I've seen or read something about this... but I can't remember the name of the person. He/she did this huge wooden sculpture/installation/fort on a coast, just kept ataching boards & planks. Very cool. Or else I'm smoking crack again.

Nichim said...

1. That guy who wraps stuff
2. Mondrian
3. That guy who makes big comics, shares name with tiny nation: Andorra? Monaco? Lichtenstein!
4.Goldsworthy (Andrew?)
5. Someone Mrs5000 admires, perhaps, or who admires her?
Extra credit: ? but very cool, I hope it's a natural phenomenon.

Dan Nolan said...

goddamnit. As a professional artist, I feel like I should get this. But I won't.

1. Cristo and that lady?
2. Mondrian
3. Liechtenstein
4. Just found out about this guy's work recently but can't remember the name.
5. No idea. Rauschenberg?
6. I believe that's a rock formation done in Salt Lake

CPM said...

acckk! kryptonite . . . art and artists. . . I know nothing!

gl. said...

it just makes me happy to see goldworthy & the jetty. earthworks is one of my favorite art forms: last summer i hosted a goldworthy-esque workshop on mt hood.

i'm very curious to hear your extra credit story!

Chance said...

no idea
it's a spiral

Unknown said...

Am late to the party (typical), but I have a comment to add about your extra credit: "Spiral Jetty" in in danger of be damaged by oil drilling nearby in the Great Salt Lake. The Dia Foundation has information online (the petition period has ended, unfortunately:

Anonymous said...

OK, the party's over but I couldn't resist.
1) Christo
2) Piet Mondrian
3) Roy Lichtenstein
4) Andy Goldsworthy
5) Joseph Cornell
6) Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty is considered in danger of having its unique environment endangered by some sort of commercial enterprise in the area. Submerged for several years in the past few decades but the details escape me.

Michael5000 said...

The party's not over until the answers are posted! Which is now:

1. Christo, or yes, more properly the Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
2. Piet Mondrian
3. Roy Lichtenstein
4. Andy Goldsworthy
5. Joseph Cornell

EC: The Spiral Jetty, by Robert Smithson, built in 1970 on a remote northern shore of the Great Salt Lake.

Michael5000 said...

Which leaves us with a veritable blizzard of Exclamation Points today. Well, five.

Two go to longtime quiz stalwarts, fingerstothebone and d.

Then we have a whopping three winners taking their first L&TM5K victory lap: The Calico Cat, crossing over from the quilt blog, as well as la gringissima and photobrea. Welcome and well done!

Finally, an exquisitely perfect late-day answer from... anonymous. Well, whoever you are, I salute you and hope you have a triumphant feeling in your heart. But I don't know where to send the Exclamation Point.

Bridget said...

Damn! the only one where I knew all the answers - and I'm too friggin' late! Ha! I will post anyway in full acknowledgment of my inner art dork!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Christo (they now work collaboratively)
2. Piet Mondrian
3. Lichtenstein (sp?)
4. Andy "I work intuitively!" Goldsworthy
5. Joseph (loud applause, please) Cornell, wacky loner and shadowbox maker
Bonus: Ok, I forget the artist who installed the Spiral Jetty, but
I do remember that it has gone through periods of being completely covered over by salt water since its installation in, I think, the 70's, on a lake - maybe the Great Salt Lake?

Bridget said...

Ok, after reading the answers, I realize you have quite a few modern art dorks on your list! And Mrs5000 does Joseph Cornell-esque work? Cool! I'd love to see it! Does she do this in books or is she a mad shadowbox artist?! I understood she was a book artist . . . of course, she can be both, and more! The questions keep coming . . . I shouldn't be doing this so early . . .

gl. said...

i'm supposed to be in phoenix, but bridget, your andy goldworthy comment really made me laugh. that's one of the thing i remember clearly from "rivers & tides": when he says that in a slightly self-mocking tone, probably because he's heard himself say it so many times before.