Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DorkFest '09 Mid-Week Report

Well, it's been a quiet DorkFest thus far. Where in years past, contestants were savagely throwing elbows in a frantic attempt to clarify that they, THEY, were the dorkiest of them all, so far we have only seen a few modestly asserted claims to dorkitude.

I did, I must say, receive one Email message professing a truly awe-inspiring level of dork, but the writer emphasized that he or she was not participating in DorkFest, that if elected Dork he or she would not serve, and also kind of implied that if I confided to you the readers who he or she was and the nature of his or her dorky achievements, that he or she would track me down and break my kneecaps.

So, the field remains wide open.

Naturally, there have been numerous theories circulating as to why the 'Fest has been so quiet thus far.
  1. Strategically-minded Dorks are planning to submit their material at the last minute, so it can't be picked over and undercut by the competition.
  2. Everyone is spending every waking hour polishing their Dork resume.
  3. Even the simplest video documentaries detailing one's dorkiness takes a few days to put together.
  4. After seeing the hell that Rex Parker and g went through, who would want to be Blog Dork?
  5. No one is feeling dorky in these troubled economic times.
  6. Dorkiness? That's so 2008.
  7. The gag is getting old.

Whatever! You have until Friday to state your Dork credentials, here in the comments, via email to m5kdecathlon at gmail, or on your own blog or website (just make sure to leave a trail of crumbs). And if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, it's all explained right.... here.


Elaine said...

I hate people who submit in Taiwanese.
Okay, M5000, I do want to send an entry, but instead of exploring my Inner Dorkiness, I am in a Classic Boomer Contretemps--dealing with an aging and infirm mother-in-law (finally admitted to a geriatric unit for evaluation, only to flunk "kidney function" and be moved to a medical floor.) Just when we thought it would be safe to sleep through the night....
So, participation doubtful...

But I just had to throw out a cozy flannel shirt, after only 21 years!--because the collar was too frayed. Things just don't last! AND when I retired, I took several suits to a resale shop, where they were REJECTED!!!! for being OUT of FASHION. My reply: "Well, okay. But if these still fit, I'd still be wearing them." And that was only the truth.

Christine M. said...

yep, not feeling very dorky at the moment. sorry.

Cartophiliac said...

Personally, I am offended by the derogatory use of the word "dork".

fingerstothebone said...

I was waiting until the last minute to spring it on everyone. But I also seem to be a death's door, what with the never-ending sore throat, stuffy nose, etc. My head's just not right for a rigorous, nor vigorous, dissemination of my dorkitude, a word for some reason makes me think of pulchritude. Well, there you have it.

Aviatrix said...

Oh no! H1N1 is going to win dorkfest!

Eversaved said...

Dude, I just read the entries from 2007, and I feel like my dorkiness falls way short of the bar.

That's probably the first time in my life that has ever happened.

Bridget said...

I just want to say that over the past few weeks, I have grown so completely confident in my own dorkiness that I don't feel the need to compete.