Monday, March 8, 2010

Mrs.5000 Gets Quantitative

If you are at the opening of the "Quantified Aesthetics" show at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts on Friday, don't miss Mrs.5000's newest piece. I believe it is called "3x3."

If you spaced the opening, you still might be able to score a cheap last-minute plane ticket. Try Northwest; they hub in Minneapolis.

You know, this probably isn't the right place for an airing of grievances, but once again I put in literally several minutes of table saw time on this piece, and once again she refuses to credit me as co-artist.

More on the Quantified Aesthetics show can be found at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts site, here. Where you'll note that Mrs.5000 is featured prominently. Why? Because she's the awesomest, of course. But you knew that.


Rebel said...

Yay! I really like this one. I like the way the number blocks are cut into the appropriate number of pieces. That's the kind of quantitative aesthetics i understand... you know, counting... up to 9... on kids blocks. ;)

margaret said...

Very nice, Sue (oh, and MICHAEL). Can we look forward to more texts in New Ogham? Is it anything like Esperanto?

Jenners said...

I feel like an idiot that I don't really understand what the show is about but color me impressed! Go Mrs 5000!

mrs.5000 said...

@Margaret: I used New Ogham in a book a few years ago, and will probably do so again in the future, because it's fun to write in and I think it looks cool. It's just a phonetic alphabet, not a whole invented language, so it's closer to a secret decoder ring than to Esperanto.

@Rebel: Yay, a testimonial from someone who actually saw it taking shape in my basement lair!

@Jenners: Themes are like that sometimes. But they're a place to start--like a writing prompt that may send you off in an unexpected direction. I've heard this exhibit referred to as "the number show", which nicely pulls it down to the level where I approached it.

fingerstothebone said...

Hey, congratulations!