Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Wednesday Quiz II:4 -- The Quiz of Fives

The Wednesday Quiz -- Season II -- Quiz 4

The Quiz of Fives

The Wednesday Quiz is a "closed-book" test of knowledge and intuition; please do not look up answers, ask others for help, or answer as a team.

Questions about the rules and the ~Fabulous Prizes~ are answered here.


This week's Quiz is a straightforward single-word and short-answer quiz. Answers are worth ten except where otherwise indicated.

1. What are Shahadah, Salāt, and Zakāt? (A general answer is worth seven points; specific answers for eight, nine, or ten)

2. Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen make up more than 96% of the human body. Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Chlorine, and Sodium make up nearly 2% between them. What is the fifth most common element in your bod?

3. The United States and Indonesia are third and fourth; Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria are sixth, seventh, and eighth. What's the fifth most populous country in the world?

4. Who was the fifth President of the United States? (Or, for instance, the fifth Prime Minister of Canada or Australia, or fifth head of state of your local sovereign national unit.)

5. Name a letter that is worth five points in Scrabble.

6. What are the fifth Books of the New Testament and the Old Testament? (Five points apiece).

7. "Ben," "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough," "Rock With You," and "Billie Jean" were Michael Jackson's first four #1 singles in the United States. What was his fifth #1 hit?

8. What is the fifth letter of the Greek or Hebrew Alphabet? (Two bonus points for both, unless you're already at 100).

9. What is a "fifth" of liquor?

10. Beethoven's Fifth _______ is commonly called "the Emperor."

Submit your answers in the comments!


UnwiseOwl said...

Ooh...let's see...
1. They're three of the pillars of islam. Shahadah is the declaration of faith and Salat is prayer...I have no idea about Zakat...maybe observing halal?
2. Not going to trick me into saying Iron, although that was my first thought. I think it's probably Calcium, but I may be hilariously wrong.
3. Brazil, it's BIG.
4. I have no idea about the fifth president, but the Fifth Prime Minister was Andrew Fisher. Our fifth head of state, however (unless I've miscounted), was George VI.
5. K
6. Acts in the new...and either Dueteronomy or Numbers in the old.
I'll say Deut.
7. No idea. Smooth Criminal?
8. Epsilon for the Greek, I couldn't name any Hebrew letter.
9. A fifth is the size of a wine bottle, I don't know what it would translate to in mls, about 700? Enough liqour to make you forget your torubles, anyway.
10. haha...I know this isn't Symphony and he didn't do enough Operas, so I need another classical music word. Concerto?

Hrmm...I dunno yet if I've done well or badly, but I suprised myself knowing some of those.

Elaine said...

My mind does not work this way. Aside from the fact that I do not have a clue about most of these.

1. Fifth month of the Hebrew calendar--different names for the same thing
2. They used to tell us we had only 96 cents'-worth of chemicals in our bodies. They did not say what they were.... Magnesium
3. Brazil
4. John Quincy Adams
5. K
6. Deuteronomy; Acts I
7. "Little Boys, MMmm"
8. Zeta
9. It used to be 1/5th of a gallon. Now it's 750 mL by general agreement even though that is shy of the original amount.
10. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

God, I have no clue about most of those. If I wanted to know, I would have looked them up. Mutter, scowl, grouse, whine.

Cartophiliac said...

1. The number five in hebrew, arabic and persian
2. For some of us it is lead (but not for long), for the rest of us iron.
3. Mexico
4. James Monroe
5. J
6. Numbers
7. Beat It
8. Epsilon, Elpheba
9. 1/5 of a quart
10. Symphony

Christine M. said...

1. um...the three wise men
2. um...calcium
3. um...Brazil
4. um...Madison
5. um...u
6. um...i have no idea
7. um...Thriller
8. um...epsilon
9. what i will be drinking tonight.
10. um...symphony

i suck.

Dan Nolan said...

1. The 5th children of famous people
2. sodium
3. Brazil
4. JQA
5. v
6. I left religion behind in the 5th grade when my Catholic school teacher helped me come to the conclusion that there was no God. Paul and Ezekial?
7. Thriller
8. Epsilon
9. 750 ml
10. Symphony

Nichim said...

1. Three of the five pillars of Islam. Declaration of faith, prayer, dietary rules?

2. Phosphorous?

3. Brazil?

4. John Quincy Adams?

5. K

6. Deuteronomy; Acts of the Apostles

7. Bad? Either that or Thriller?

8. Epsilon

9. About as much as I used to be able to drink in a sitting. For some reason 450ml comes to mind.

10. I can't follow Beethoven's Fifth with anything but Symphony no matter how hard I try.

Nichim said...

Obviously I have no conception of the size of a milliliter.

mrs.5000 said...

1 Must be three of the Five Pillars of Islam. Let's say: prayers, reading the Koran, and fasting.
2 Iron
3 Brazil
4 Monroe
5 K
6 Deuteronomy, Acts
7 Beat It
8 Epsilon. Can't even guess at the Hebrew.
9 oh, it a fifth of a gallon? That seems unlikely, but it's the best I can come up with. I need to spend more time in liquor stores.
10 Piano Concerto
Hoping to place at least fifth...

mrs.5000 said...

oh my rusty bones...

Morgan said...

1. Pillars of Islam
2. Silicon
3. Iran
4. Madison
5. W
6. Acts and Numbers
7. Bad
8. Epsilon, Something that ends with -eth
9. A shot
10. Symphony

DrSchnell said...

1. some of the five pillars of Islam. I know zakat = aid to the poor. I'll guess randomly that Shahadah is the five daily prayers and that Salat is the fasting during Ramadan.
2. Chee-tos. Um, no, I mean .... damn, the They Might Be Giants song from "Here Comes Science" only lists the first four ("Elephants are mostly made of four elements.. and every living thing is mostly made of four elements....").... How about Iron?
3. Brazil
4. James Monroe (or, as we used to call him, "Ol' Doctrine Boy"
5. K
6. Old Testament - Deuteronomy (one weird-o book!). New - Acts of the Apostles
7. Beat It
8. Hey! (Hebrew) I'm not sure how you spell it, but that's how it's pronounced.... Greek is, Epsilon
9. Fifth of a liter?
10. Piano Sonata

Melissa said...

1. Sounds like something religious, about which I know nothing.
2. Calcium
3. Brazil
4. Yeesh. No idea. I know he was a white guy.
5. K
6. Again, religion = no clue
7. Thriller
8. Gamma
9. 2 pints
10. Overture

Now that I've answered, I can see the other comments are all over the place, so I don't feel quite as embarrassed.

Ben said...

Hmmm... I took this yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have registered. (Lousy satellite Internet at the in-laws...)

I still don't know them, but I'll try to remember what I put down yesterday.

1. Foreign translations of the word "five". Maybe some Hebrew and/or Arabic in there?
2. Calcium
3. Mexico
4. Monroe? I wish I could remember the street layout of my hometown Corvallis a bit better right now.
5. Q
6. Psalms and 1st Corinthians
7. "Bad"
8. Epsilon
9. 750 ml
10. String Quartet

Michael5000 said...

OK, first of all, yeah, this was kind of tough. Sorry about the lack of better hints and what-not.

1. Shahadah, Salāt, and Zakāt are the affirmation of faith, the daily prayers, and alms-giving, three of the Five Pillars (or obligations) of Islam.

2. The fifth element in your body is calcium, what with the bones!

3. Brazil is number five.

4. James Monroe was the fifth U.S. President.

5. "K" is the only letter worth five points in Scrabble.

6. Deuteronomy and Acts.

7. After "Billie Jean" came "Beat It."

8. Epsilon or He.

9. A "fifth" is traditionally a fifth of a gallon, or by modern convention 750 ml.

10. The "Emperor" is Beethoven's fifth and last Piano Concerto.

Michael5000 said...

Which makes Mrs.5000 the solid winner this week, trailed by Unwise Owl and, behind him, DrSchnell.

Four Quizzes into the season, these three are on top of the leaderboard, DrSchnell 14 points out in front of the other two, who are tied. La gringissima, Cartophiliac, Kadonkadonk, nichim, Elaine, d, and Elizabeth round out the top ten... but remember, only the best eight of twelve scores count. In theory, a new kid could show up next week and blow that smug ol' DrSchnell right out of the water!

UnwiseOwl said...

Equal with Mrs. 5000 at this early point in the competition? This might be a good time to take the money and run, happy with my performance so far, before I get any nasty topics that I have no idea about.

Jennifer said...

As a non-participant, I know exactly what my opinion here is worth. That said, I thought this was a pretty awesome Quiz that captured what I see as the spirit of the blog.

Michael5000 said...

...the spirit of the blog being, approximately, affirmation, alms-giving, bone health, and drinkin'.