Monday, April 12, 2010

I Have a Box of Books. Do You Have a Box of Books? I Have a Box of Books.

I spent part of the weekend just past at the Friends of the Library Spring Sale. Niece #3, in town for the weekend, joined me as a volunteer -- although by "volunteer," in this case, I mean "someone whom I told to do something, and I'm a lot bigger than they are." Having said that, #3 took to a fairly complicated public-contact task with alacrity and aplomb.

After our shift ended, we naturally tore into the merchandise like a pair of ravenous uncle-niece beasts. And although I promised not to set myself any tasks regarding my haul -- I'm not going to REVIEW everything I bought or anything, that would be silly -- I am of a mind to gloat about it here.

A Partial Inventory

Two Guidebooks to Classical Music. Have I ever mentioned I have a collection of such books? I don't think I have.

Four Random Michelin Maps. Two of European areas, good. Two of African countries, AWESOME! 25 cents, suckas.

Goode's School Atlas. The classic -- in a 1932 edition. w00T! This will be a Coffee Table Book Party post, I'm thinking.

A Christmas Gift for Dad5000. Not shown. And very excellent, as the man is tough to shop for.

Two Ian Rankin Books on Cassette. I do enjoy me some Inspector Rebus on tape.

The Koran, The Decameron, War and Peace, two Shakespeare plays. I iz in ur bookz, gettin ur cultur.

Howards End, Atonement. Loved 'em on audio, want print copies.

The American Mercury Reader, 1943. Selections from H.L.Mencken's spunky mid-century magazine.

Smila's Sense of Snow. I do enjoy me some Scandinavian mystery. Signed first edition, y'all.

Something by somebody named Jodi Picoult: Recommended by Niece #3.

Other Stuff That Looked Good. When am I going to read all this crap?


Elizabeth said...

I donated books, but couldn't donate time this year, though I did get my official FOTL volunteer opportunity list.

I used to have that edition of 'The Decameron.' Culture? Fart jokes.

Jenners said...

It cracks me up that you have a Jodi Picoult book.

And the blog I read just before yours reviewed an Inspector Rebus book!!! What the freak? Should I be reading these books? I never heard of him and now he is all over like horses**t!

nice haul!

Elaine said...

If you would sit down to pee, you would average an extra paragraph per pee per day.

Just a tip.

Women rule!

sister jen said...

I have all the Inspector Rebus books and they rock. (BTW, you made a comment in a review of them once that the puzzles seem unrealistically complex. My take on it is that they are designed that way to showcase the place, usually Edinburgh proper but sometimes outlying areas too--Fife, etc.--because more even than Rebus himself, Edinburgh is the main character.)

I spent the weekend packing up books to get rid of. I decided to hang onto that same copy of the Decameron (though I am moving it to my office at school). So, three degrees of separation on Rebus and on that Decameron just among your readers...

Michael5000 said...

@E: Fart jokes aren't culture?

@Jenners: Why does it crack you up that I have a Jodi Picault book? Honest question: I've never heard of her before last week.

@Elaine: How do you know I DON'T sit down to pee?

@sis: I'm glad you hung on to the Decameron. I hear it has good fart jokes.