Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wednesday Quiz II:8 -- Pantheons

The Wednesday Quiz -- Season II -- Quiz 7


The Wednesday Quiz is a "closed-book" test of knowledge and intuition; please do not look up answers, ask others for help, or answer as a team.

Questions about the rules and the ~Fabulous Prizes~ are answered here.


This week's Quiz is yet another is-it-or-isn't-it game. It has twelve items, and the scoring is ten points for every correct answer after your first two.

For each religious or mythological tradition shown,

Is It or Isn't It matched with major deities from its pantheon?

Note: There is no mixing and matching here; answers are either entirely correct or entirely incorrect.
1. Aztec: Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl

2. Greek: Demeter, Hephaestus, Hermes

3. Greek: Lemnos, Samos, Naxos

4. Hindu: Assam, Manipur, Tamil Nadu

5. Hindu: Manipur, Maharashtra, Tripura

6. Incan: Sulawesi, Luzon, Mindanao

7. Islamic: Salat, Zakāt, Sawm

8. Norse: Odin, Loki, Frea

9. Norse: Offa, Æthelwulf, Æthelbald

10. Roman: Ares, Aphrodite, Hermes

11. Roman: Juno, Minerva, Diana

12. Zoroastrianism: The primary deity, Ahura Mazda, and a nemesis spirit of evil, Angra Mainyu

Submit your answers in the comments!


Christine M. said...

1. is
2. is
3. isn't
4. isn't
5. is
6. isn't
7. isn't
8. is
9. isn't
10. is
11. is
12. is

The Calico Cat said...

2, 10, & 11 - yes.
The rest I don't know so they get NO (I know that 3 is no & I hope that 12 is no - Mazda - that is a car, right?)

The Calico Cat said...

I forgot - I hope that 7 is a no - one of the monotheists....

Elizabeth said...

1. Yes
2. Yes, though I'll quibble a bit on including Hermes.
3. No - these are islands.
4. No, these are regions.
5. So I guess these are correct, though I don't recognize the names. Hm ... I'm going to say 'no' for this one, too, after all.
6. No, unless the Inca originated in the Philippines.
7. Heresy! There is one god, and Mohammed is his prophet!
8. Yes.
9. No.
10. Nope, not by these names, anyway.
11. Yes.
12. Yes.

d said...

1y // 2y // 3n // 4n // 5y // 6n // 7n // 8y // 9n // 10n // 11y // 12y


Morgan said...

1. Is
2. Is
3. Isn't
4. Isn't
5. Is
6. Isn't
7. Isn't
8. Is
9. Isn't
10. Isn't
11. Is
12. Is

Nichim said...

1. Are
2. Are
3. Are not
4. Are not
5. Are not
6. Are not
7. Are not
8. Are
9. Are not
10. Are not
11. Are
12. Are

mrs.5000 said...

ye gods!
1 yes
2 yes
3 no--I think these are islands
4 uh, no
5 uh, no?
6 no. I think you're using maps again
7 hey, what happened to monotheism? I smell rotten leftovers from the quiz on fives!
8 you betcha
9 no, I think these were mortals. Doesn't Offa have a dike in northern England?
10 uh, no, because the Romans would call these Mars, Venus, and Mercury
11 yes
12 sure, why not?

DrSchnell said...

1. yes
2. yes
3. no
4. no
5. Who knows -don't they have 10,000 gods or something like that? How about yes?
6. yes
7. no
8. yes
9. no - that's Beowulfian stuff
10. no
11. yes
12. yes

Cartophiliac said...

1. is
2. is
3. isn't - I think those are Greek islands
4. isn't - places
5. is
6. isn't - at least two of those places are in the Phillippines...
7. isn't - there is only one God, and Mohammmed is his prophet
8. is
9. isn't - probably Anglo-Saxon war chieftans
10. isn't - tricksy... those are the Greek names for gods adopted into the Roman pantheon
11. is
12. is

Elaine said...

Is there a trick side to this, such as putting down actual MINOR deities and hoping we say IS when they are too low on the Pantheonic totem pole...? These are the times that try our souls...
1. I'll say ISN'T because the Quetzalcoatl is a bird
2. IS
3. ISN'T (aren't those islands?)
4. ISN't (Cities in India?)
5. IS
6. ISN'T (Philippine Islands, now really, Michael5000)
7. ISN'T (Um, ONE God=Allah)
8. IS
9. ISN'T
10. ISN'T (Aren't those Greek names?)
11. IS
12. ISN'T (as if I'd know. And wasn't her name Uhura?)

Kritkrat said...

1. is
2. is
3. isn't
4. isn't
5. isn't
6. isn't
7. isn't
8. is
9. isn't
10. isn't
11. is
12. is

fingerstothebone said...

What!? Not a single Taoist deity?

Ben said...

1. Is
2. Is
3. Isn't
4. Isn't
5. Is
6. Isn't
7. Isn't
8. Is
9. Isn't
10. Isn't
11. Is
12. Is

UnwiseOwl said...

1. Sounds about right.
2. Ditto.
3. These are islands, aren't they?
4. Dude, these are places too...
5. As are this a secret geography quiz?
6. I know Sulawesi...too. Nope.
7. There is no God but Allah...
8. Indeed!
9. These are English Kings, aren't they?
10. These are Greek.
11. Yes!
12. Argh...I have to guess...Yes.

Michael5000 said...


1. YES! Quetzalcoatl, the famous one, is not so much a "snake" as a winged serpant god.
2. YES!
3. NO -- Those aren't so much Greek gods as Greek islands.
4. NO -- Those aren't Hindu Gods, they are states of India.
5. NO -- So are these. In fact, I accidentally used one twice. Oops.
6. NO -- Islands of Indonesia and the Phillipines. So I guess yes, this is accidentally a map quiz.
7. DEFINITELY NOT -- Islam is pretty darn committed to the concept of monotheism, as you know.
8. YES!
9. NO -- These are four early English kings, or at least four early dudes with more or less plausible claims to the title.
10. NOPE -- those are the Greek versions.
11. YES!
12. YES! -- the main concept being just that Zoroastrianism is built along the God/Evil God axis. I wouldn't mess with you about the names.

Michael5000 said...

Just as a sidebar, here: this is the first Quiz ever that I almost scrapped for being too hard. I would have bombed it. But, it has the highest average score so far in Season II. So what do I know.

Perfect scores to Mrs.5000, Elizabeth, Unwise Owl, nichim, and Kadonk; Carto, Ben, d, and Morgan all breathing right down their necks.

Michael5000 said...

So, with eight Quizzes down in Season II, it's time to look at the top ten contenders.

We have a tie for first, at 667 points, between defending third place winner Mrs.5000 and the Unwise Owl. Both have taken every Quiz, so it will get increasingly difficult for them to raise their scores from here(remember, only the best 8 of 12 Quizzes count towards your season).

In third place, with 631 points, is defending champ DrSchnell.

Then, remarkably, another tie at 548 points, between defending runner-up la gringissima and Cartophiliac. La gringa missed a Quiz, so she still has plenty of room to move.

In sixth spot is Kadonkadonk, challenging with 542 points despite having sat out a round.

Elaine is 7th at 505, nichim 8th at 489, Elizabeth 9th at 466, and d 10th at 458.

Ben, Aviatrix, and Calico Cat are all close behind, in good position to surge if the right topics come their way.

As for everybody else -- might as well get in shape now; Season III will be here before you know it!

UnwiseOwl said...

Whoa...I had myself lower than that. Sweet.
No more arts quizzes, huh? ;)

Elaine said...

If that Woodpecker Quiz ever appears, I am poised to take off like a rocket.