Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your Sunday Boring Postcard from Michael5000

University of Washington, Seattle 5, Washington.

Mailed from Seattle to Chehalis, Washington on April 15, 1970.  Text of message in French.

Provenance: Purchased by Mrs.5000 at an estate sale, October 2010.


Elizabeth said...

But what does it say?

Jenners said...

I find this oddly compelling ... and somewhat reminiscent of "BEAN" dorms at the U of O.

Michael5000 said...

Hard to read, but something like:

Dear Donna

Je veux te dire [[hi]]
Comment ca va? Le tournai de tennis a cemmence mais je ne sais pas qui le gagne. Mes cours sont bons mais j'uime mieux ceux d'education parceque je peux visiter les classes dans les ecoles primaires - ca im interesse cette carte montre un chambre d'ren homme. Je te l'envoie porceque tu dois voir comment nous vivons (c'est propre, n'est-ce pas?)

a bientot,

Elizabeth said...

Dear Donna -

I want to say "hi." How are you doing? The tennis tournament started but I don't know who won it. My classes are good, but I like the education ones the best because I can go to see the classes in the primary schools - that's what interests me. This card shows a men's dorm room. I'm sending it to you because you should see how we live (it's clean, isn't it?)


Thanks, Michael - I was curious about the text. Boring as it is ...

Michael5000 said...

Chanson de la route américaine, avec Elizabeth!!!