Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Wednesday Post

Greetings from the South Central States
Ellis actually went up in the tower!


American Air Photo Sales Co.
P.O. Box 2036, Kansas City, Mo.


Located in the middle of Hot Springs National Park.  This mountain rises 1040 ft. and houses the forty-seven Hot Springs'.  The Mountain Tower build in 1983 can be seen overlooking the greater Hot Springs area.

Ellis actually went up in the tower!  Weather is clear and warm.  Be in Texas tomorrow.  Dad & Mom


Oral Roberts University is the show place of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the center of the beautiful campus is located the beautiful and unique Prayer Tower.  This tower is open to the visitors 24 hours a day for prayer and meditation.

Dear Harriette -- We're on our way back.  Having a wonderful time.  Visited here took lot of pictures too.  see you some time this week end.


Rockaway Beach is the length of several city blocks.  A motor road and bridal path pass through this beach area.  Passenger boats dock at a central dock.  A wonderful bathing beach with excellent diving equipment.


Will Rogers Turnpike
This elaborate Glass House Restaurant spans the Will Rogers Turnpike at the midway point between Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Joplin, Missouri.  Travelers from all over are amazed, and enjoy their stop at this modernistic Restauarant, Cafeteria, and Gift Shop.

Dear Habeus - Thank you for your nice card - will treasure it be we ain't acceptin'!  Right now we are having lunch but you are not paying.  A letter will be on the way soon.  We are headed for Amarillo Texas to spend all day Sabbath.  For 2 old ducks it is going all right.  Sandy's knees give trouble but we feel sure the Lord will be near.  Lots of love, Dode & Sandy


Libby said...

Feature I would like to see on IAT: modern day updates on the attractions featured on the postcards. The Glass House Restaurant, for example: is it still amazing travelers even today? I don't know, just throwing it out there.

Michael5000 said...

I believe it is now a McDonalds. Really! I'll look into it.

mrs.5000 said...

I went there! It was billed as "The World's Largest McDonald's" and was by far my favorite thing driving across Oklahoma in the early 90's. Apparently it's still much the same.

I think the updates on postcard attractions is a great idea. There's been a little of that in the blog's past, and it's always fascinating. Maybe some readers would volunteer as research assistants...

gl. said...

seriously? a mcdonald's? how disappointing. but yes, postcard updates would be awesome.