Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Wednesday Post

Art From My Phone
Text messages are a kind of "post," right?

If you were reading this online entertainment in September of 2008, you would have seen my announcement of the arrival of frequent voter Chuckdaddy's first child (he is now up to two, and holding).

Since then, there hasn't been much mention here of "Baby ChuckDaddy" -- now RobustLittleBoy ChuckDaddy -- although he did vote once or twice, I believe.  But he's quite an interesting chap.  His interests have included classical mythology and hopping on a miniature trampoline with an almost preternatural persistence and physical stability, like some kind of bouncy human gyroscope.

Lately he has taken to drawing.  He seems to have inherited his father's taste for Chagall, to judge from the angels and other mystical figures that he captures in spare but lyrical curves.  Not one to agonize over the details of a piece, he works fast and determinedly, sometimes pounding through a dozen or more works in one sitting.

And now, he has joined the ranks of those inspired by the Infinite Art Tournament:


Apparently one of these is a father-son collaboration.  You can test your art-historical and art-critical skillz by trying to determine which ones are pure Chuckdaddy Junior, and which one also betrays work of someone else from the Circle of Chuckdaddy Junior.


Jennifer said...

That's pretty awesome!

mrs.5000 said...

Oh, my oh my. I really love these.

Anonymous said...

it's the new Picasso!
sue(actually chuck daddy's mom

Anonymous said...

I love the fluidity & freedom of movement in his angels. Seems to me they reflect our little guy's trampoline and gymnastic experiences. Thanks for posting, Michael. (S: the other awed g-ma)

Michael5000 said...

I am particularly fond of the expressions in the first one, the delight of the woman on the left and the frank, businesslike manner of the angel. Also, the flowers behind the door.