Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Wednesday Post

Greetings from Alaska!
Through blizzards and unbroken trails the "Musher" will find his way, carrying mails!

This set of postcards were a Christmas gift from BiggestSister5000, who I think must have been trying to give me a sense of what her life is like on The Last Frontier.

C106. Famous Chief Shake's Totem, Wrangell, Alaska


Geo. Shake's Totem, sometimes called The Raven Totem is surmounted by the Raven Creator.  The box is the chief's box, supposed to have spiritual power.  Below is the young Raven, the Creator of man.  Below is the daughter of the Creator and the mother of the young Creator.

C143.  Alaska Dog Team

The most efficient method of transportation in the North during the winter months is by means of dog teams.  Through blizzards and unbroken trails the "Musher" will find his way, carrying mails and provisions to isolated camps of hardy pioneers and prospectors.

C104. Memorial Totem, Sitka, Alaska

The Sitka Totems are nearly all Haida.  They have been donated by the different chiefs to the Sitka Museum.  The most famous of all is the Sitka Memorial Totem.  It was donated by Chief Sunnyheart.  (It is surmounted by the Fog Woman and her children.)  Below that is the Wolf, Eagle and the Bear.  It is a memorial of the potlatch feast when all these families were present.

No. 1400 Eskimo and his Kyak, Alaska

[no caption]

No. 628 Trapper's Cache, Alaska

[no caption]


Ben said...

It's as if I was back on my trip up to Alaska this summer...

Beth Handley said...

Fun to see them again, so happy they made the blog!!! Biggest S

mrs.5000 said...

That trapper's cache looks pretty iffy structurally. Is it designed to bury any curious or hungry bears under a pile of logs? (Growl.)