Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Wednesday Post

Ask not for whom the Wednesday Post comes!
It comes for thee.

A Wednesday Post Giveaway!

Due to a serendipitous confusion in the matter of wish lists, Mrs.5000 and myself emerged from Christmas with no fewer than six fine-arts jigsaw puzzles.  They are pretty cool.  Solving them, you can combine a detailed study of an artist's brush technique with such time-honored tactics such as "sorting out all the green ones" or "looking for one with the doohicky at kind of a funny angle."

 We completed Breugel's Tower of Babel in the first half of January.

A few days later, we took it back apart to make room for a Monet.

Perhaps you would like to be the next person to put it together!  It is 1000 pieces, of which 999 are good as new and one nearly so, having been skillfully relaminated (if I do say so myself) after having been found floating in the cat's water bowl.  We were careful when we took it apart, and 99% sure that all pieces are there.

If you would like to have this puzzle sent to you in the post -- perhaps the Wednesday post! -- just say so in the comments.  If multiple people want it, the winner will be chosen by some sort of random deal.


Morgan said...

Me! Also, I've commented here like 10 times blame the wifi in Dearborn Hall.

Ben said...

If you give it to Morgan, it will be like giving it to me as well, since he'd hopefully let me help solve it!

Michael5000 said...

And by quasi-random selection, the Breugel puzzle goes to Morgan, next time I get to the post office.