Monday, March 31, 2014

The Avatar reaches the Tri-State Area

You've probably been wondering where the running Avatar has been, lately.  Well, that's a bit of an overstatement, I suppose.  You probably don't give two hoots where the running Avatar has been, lately.  But I'm going to tell you just the same.  So be polite, and nod when I pause.

Until a few days ago, the Avatar spent the last three months in Montana.  Now, it's important to realize that Montana is really, really big.  REALLY big.  Here it is (in purple), for instance, compared at the same scale with a randomly-selected East Coast state, Rhode Island (in lime green):

I bring this up only because the distance I've run since the last time I checked in, on December 30th, looks kind of pathetic at Montana scale:

But actually, that's 247 miles worth of running, which is not bad for a mortal with a full-time job and daily blogging responsibilities.  I'm writing this with a day left in the running quarter, so I expect to end up just slightly over 250 miles for the first fourth of the year.  That's about 70 miles better than I've ever done for January, February, and March, and is ominously on pace for the reckless 1000-mile goal I set for 2014, after falling way short of my 960-mile goal for 2013.  I enjoy running, and so does the Avatar.

Here's how it looks from where he stands, as of yesterday.

After running in 13 different states in 2013, my pie chart for 2014 is kind of boring so far.

The Avatar sends greetings from the eastern edge of Idaho, and hopes you are doing well!  He'll check in again soon!


mrs.5000 said...

Wow, that map of the randomly-chosen east coast state superimposed on Montana really helps me make sense of the world. 'Cuz i was all, like, whoa, what's that cute little special district out there in lime green?

margaret said...

lol Mrs. 5000. It does look cute and kind of at sea. I was giggling b/c when I left Montana for my one and only big foray on the East Coast one of my first cultural shocks was coming home late from a party in Connecticut and my friends missed a turn and we ended up in Rhode Island. I thought it was crazy. So thanks for randomly picking it. And thanks for noticing MT is big. I've heard Montana effectively described as a small town with really long streets.

If I saw your avatar running on that desolate road I'd stop and give him a ride. Stay warm!

Ben said...

Brrr! I hope your avatar dresses warmly!