Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Wednesday Post

Tales from an American Roadtrip, part 3
What a busy place this is.

Phi 40
View from Art Museum and Skyline,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Am getting around to see the world. Just awaiting my plane to New York. What a busy place this is. I would hate to work here.

Love, Z-----

“World’s Greatest Highway”
Pioneer of America’s super toll roads, the Pennsylvania Turnpike spans more than one-eighth of the nation. It stretches 360 miles, from the Ohio line in the East to the shores of the Delaware River in the East. More than 150 million people have traveled over it since it was opened in 1940.

Dear Ma –

Arrived safe & sound around 5 o’clock Sun. Baby & E. are fine now, they had the flu. E. sends her love. Hope you are well.

Love, Joe & Liza

Burpeeana Giant Zinnias Growing for Seed on Floradale Falms in California
Many of the world’s best-known flowers have been developed on these seed farms. The once scraggly zinnia is now a top garden choice and semi-dwarf beauties, like those shown here, grow flowers up to six inches across.

Duncan Hines and AAA Approved
On U.S. Highway No 1. 14 miles South of Washington D.C. 7 miles South of Historic Alexandria, Virginia. Individual colonial cottages. Hot water heat, private tile bath, radio. Spacious landscaped area. Open all year. Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Ayers, Owners-Managers. Phone Engleside 23.

Dear Folks

Sunday A.M. and we are just about ready to get breakfast and then to Mr. Vernon. We stayed at this court last night and will tonite. Gettysburg yesterday – it was grand. Will see Washington this next few days.

Love, Nelson

Yacht Haven and West India Company Docks

April 16

 Bill and I are having a wonderful time in Nassau, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands… Enjoying the balmy weather and sunshine. Hope to see my big brother when we stop briefly in Miami Sunday. Hope all is well with you.

Love, Marion

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