Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Ladder of Art -- Week #14

Cast your votes for up to four of these seven artists by Friday March 8.  For clarifications, consult the Ladder of Art FAQ.

Only just last week, I was griping about how few new artists were stepping up onto the Ladder of Art, but here we are this week with a whopping FIVE new artists on which to cast your critical eye.  It's because there was a three-way tie for first, and no tie at fourth: Freud plays through, and Daubigny comes out of his bye-week, and the other five are fresh grist for the mill.

Last Week's Results

This Week's Contest

Morris Louis
1912 - 1962

Tournament Record: Tied for 472nd. Lost to Lorenzo Lotto and Ambrogio Lorenzetti. 6 votes for, 19 votes against (.240).

Paris Bordone
1500 - 1571

Tournament Record: Tied for 472nd. Lost to Hieronymus Bosch and David Bomberg. 6 votes for, 19 votes against (.240).

1528 - 1588

Tournament Record: Tied for 474th. Lost to Jan Vermeer and Andrea del Verrocchio. 5 votes for, 16 votes against (.238).

David Alfaro Siqueiros
1896 - 1974

Tournament Record: Tied for 474th. Lost to Alfred Sisley and Claus Sluter. 5 votes for, 16 votes against (.238).

Rosso Fiorentino

Tournament Record: Tied for 474th. Lost to Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Mark Rothko. 5 votes for, 16 votes against (.238).

Lucian Freud
1922 - 2011
German; worked in Britain

Tournament Record: Tied for 479th. Lost to Helen Frankenthaler and Sam Francis. 6 votes for, 20 votes against (.231).
  • Tied for Fourth in Week #12.
  • Placed Fourth in Week #13.

Charles-Fran├žois Daubigny
1817 - 1878

Tournament Record: Placed 505th.  Lost to Salvador Dali and Aelbert Cuyp. 4 votes for, 26 votes against (.133).
  • Finished First in Ladder Week #2.
  • Finished First again in Week #4.
  • ...and again in Week #6.
  • ...and in Week #8.
  • ...and in Week #10. 
  • ...and in Week #12.

Cast up to four votes in the comments by Friday morning!


Candida said...

Bordone, Veronese, Fiorentino, Daubigny.

Morgan said...

I'm super into a couple of the newcomers to the ladder! I'll vote Louis, Siqueiros, Fiorentino. And I'll vote for the fortnightly favorite Daubigny.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'll take David Sequerios. Spelling it wrong I'm sure. Sorry.

Michael5000 said...

I'm going to go with Louis, Freud, and the fortnightly Daubigny.

boonec1974 said...

Yes, fun to get some new blood in there. This is a pretty easy week for me: Daubigny, Freud, Siqueiros, and Veronese. I'm surprised Veronese hasn't gotten more love, thus far in the ladder or before. I think he's pretty amazing- sort of a Titian-lite.

DrSchnell said...

Siqueiros, Daubigny, and votes against Freud and Louis

Elliott said...

Daubigny, Freud, Veronese, and Fiorentino

Nora said...

Daubigny, Veronese, Louis, and Bordone.

mrs.5000 said...

Siqueiros, Fiorentino, Freud, and Daubigny. I'm having fun visualizing them collaborating on a big mural commission.

Michael5000 said...

Well, let's see. With the malicious DrSchnell no doubt intentionally nullifying my votes, we end up with Fortnightly Daubigny advancing to another bye week from first place, with Siqueiros in second, Veronese and Fiorentino in third, and the other three doomed.

DrSchnell said...

Aw, don't take it personally! Looking at Freud's art just makes me want to throw up, and Louis looks like less-interesting versions of my daughters' kindergarten-era art still hanging up in my office.

Michael5000 said...

Obviously we're all adults here, and I certainly would never be so shallow as to take your malice personally.