Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Left Bracket Sixth Round Elimination: Caillebotte v. Dürer

And here we arrive at the Sixth Round Elimination.  We are down, you know, to 24 -- now, only 22 -- artists.  You can see 'em over in the sidebar on the right, if you are at the actual website on an actual computer: the undefeated titans of Sargent v. Vermeer, Leonardo v. Monet, van Gogh v. Varo, and Bruegel v. Degas, and then the one-loss giants of Wyeth v. Sheeler, Rembrandt v. Michelangelo, Homer v. Eakins, Klee v. Patenier, Picasso v. Ely, and Gentileschi v. Benton.  Those last twelve will soon be winnowed down to six, to join Caillebotte (who just upset Bosch, 8 votes to 6) and Dürer (who just ended Altdorfer's Cinderella story, a million votes to one).  

Basically, you may still find easy choices... but you shouldn't be expecting them.

Gustave Caillebotte
1848 - 1894
Impressionists such as... Gustave Caillebotte enthusiastically painted the renovated city, employing their new style to depict its wide boulevards, public gardens, and grand buildings.... Caillebotte’s 1877 Paris Street, Rainy Day exemplifies how these artists abandoned sentimental depictions and explicit narratives, adopting instead a detached, objective view that merely suggests what is going on. - The Met's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Albrecht Dürer
1471 - 1528
 No artist better fits Thomas Carlyle's definition of genius, as the "transcendent capacity of taking trouble," than Albrecht Dürer. The industry of the man was breathtaking, his mastery of detail astonishing, yet everything he did seemed fresh and newly minted. The most intellectual of northern Renaissance artists, but the one who responded most immediately to nature, to the world and the people around him, he was profoundly religious yet supremely open-minded.
- New York Times


CEM said...

I wanted to vote for Caillebotte because of the car-free streets in his paintings. But... Durer. Not really a fair contest.

DrSchnell said...


Maddy said...

Tough choice, but I'm going with Caillebotte.

boonec1974 said...


Morgan said...

Caillebotte. Love me that wing painting, though.

Michael5000 said...

Mariah votes for Caillebotte on FB.

Nichim said...


mrs.5000 said...

Wow. Durer.