Tuesday, August 20, 2019

It was the Infinite Art Tournament!

And, the winner of the Infinite Art Tournament is:
Pieter Bruegel.
He beat Vincent van Gogh fair and square in the rematch for a tenth uninterrupted victory overall.

Time to get started on the commemorative marker:

Second place went to Vincent van Gogh, third to John Singer Sargent, and fourth to Gustave Caillebotte.  Vermeer and Leonardo da Vinci shared next-highest honors, followed by Edgar Degas and Andrew Wyeth.  Rounding out the winners circle: Remedios Varo, Winslow Homer, Paul Klee, and Claude Monet.

Here's a bracket showing the fortunes of the 32 final survivors of the original 512:

The top rankings by vote ratio go to Leonardo da Vinci, Durer, and Wyeth.  Bruegel was 5th in this measure, behind Sargent; Antonello da Messina, a strong performer in the early tournament, ranks a surprising 7th.

Homer had the most victories, with 11.  Wyeth, Caillebotte, Bruegel, and van Gogh had 10 apiece.  Appearing the most times, 13 times apiece, were Homer (11-2-0) and Caillebotte (10-2-1).

Caillebotte had the great number of individual favorable votes, with 115.  Wyeth had 114, van Gogh 11, and Homer 108, followed by Bruegel with 98.

The artist with the lowest number of unfavorable votes was Frans Syders, with only 10, but since he only drummed up 8 positive votes in a pair of quorum-scrapers, it didn't do him much good.

Bellows, Avercamp, and Jacques David, oddly enough, all had three tied matches, but none of them are quite as moderate as Frederic Lord Leighton, who finished with two wins, two losses, and a whopping four ties.


Candida said...

I am proud to have nominated Remedios Varo in the play-in part of the tournament! But that also makes me wonder--how did the other play-in artists do compared to the main rank of artists? I don't mean to make work for you, but I'm genuinely curious about how they did.

Thank you for many, many hours of exposure to art I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and for the zillion more it took for you to manage it all.

Chuckdaddy said...

I demand a recount!

mrs.5000 said...

Awwww, I'm getting just a little choked up. I like how Van Gogh emerged so triumphantly out of the loser's bracket, only to get beaten up again by the same guy. And a fellow Lowlander at that! He would probably like that narrative, even if Chuckdaddy seems to have a problem with it.

I think my favorite part of the tournament--even more than the voting ritual, or the exposure to so many artists I had never even heard of--was going to museums and feeling a stronger connection to the artists and their work. It seems like a long time since that started happening, with those first museum visits where we suddenly felt more knowledgeable about anyone whose names happened to begin with an A or B.

Chuckdaddy said...

Like Mrs MMMMM, it was amazing how much this tournament helped me learn about art. And it was funny the times I felt highly informed but only about a limited alphabetical range.

Nichim said...

Thank you, so very much, for this Tournament. I have never really cared much about visual art, and so knew very few of the artists going in to this tournament, but I have learned much, not only about famous artists and their work, but about my own aesthetic preferences.
It's also been a wonderful way to continue to feel connected to YOU, my friend Michael5000. I look forward to going to an art museum with you one of these days.

DrSchnell said...

My hat is off to you, sir, for your dedication to this absurd (and I mean this in the best way possible!) event. Thanks for much great art-gazing over the past however-many years!