Michael5000's Calendar of the Saints

Updated October 29, 2019


14th -- Saint Barbasceminus.  Persia, 4th Century.
17th -- Saint Genulfus. France, 3rd Century.


3rd -- Saint Berlinda of Meerbeke. Flanders, 6th Century.  Invoked to protect trees and against diseases of cattle.
4th -- Saint Jeanne of Valois. France, 15th Century.  Also, Blessed John Speed, England, 16th Century.
8th -- Saint Apollonia. Alexandria, Egypt, 3rd Century. Patron Saint of dentists and people suffering from dental ailments.
13th -- Saint Martinian the Hermit.  Eastern Mediterranean.  4th Century. 
14th -- Saint Valentine.  Roman. 3rd Century. Patron Saint of beekeepers, engaged couples, greeting card manufacturers, happy marriages, love, lovers, young people.
17th -- Saint Fortchern of Trim.  Irish. 5th Century. Patron Saint of bell founders.


1st -- St. David of Wales.  Wales, 6th Century.  Patron Saint of Wales, also of Doves.
4th -- Saint Casimir. Poland, 15th Century.
10th -- Saint Blanchard. France, date obscure.
11th -- St. Rosina of Wenglingen.  Bavaria, date obscure.
17th -- Saint Patrick. Ireland, 5th Century. Patron Saint of: barbers, blacksmiths, cattle, coopers, engineers, "excluded people," hairdressers, miners, and ophidiophobics.
20th -- Saint Anastasius XVI. Jerusalem, 8th Century.


1st -- St. Bruce of Kilatooweenienielie. Australia, 20th Century. Patron Saint of April Fool's Gags.
12th -- St. Erkemboden of Thérouanne.  Northern France, 7th and 8th Century.  Patron Saint of Lame Children.
18th -- St. Wicterp of Augsburg. Germany, 8th Century.
19th -- St. Leo IX.  Europe, 11th Century.
20th -- St. Agnes of Montepulciano, Tuscany, 1268-1317.
22nd -- Pope St. Soter, Rome, 2nd Century.
24th -- St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen. Southern Germany, early 17th century.


2nd -- St. Zoe of Pamphylia. Turkey, 2nd Century.
20th -- St. Bernardino of Sienna.  Italy, 15th Century.  Patron Saint of advertising, respiratory disorders, and Italy
21st -- St. Ageranus of Bèze.  Eastern France, 800s.
24th -- St. Donatian of Nantes.  Brittany, 3rd Century.


12th -- St. Augustinô Phan Viết Huy, Vietnam, 19th Century.
21st -- St. John Rigby, England, 16th Century.  (one of many called) Patron Saint of bachelors.


1st -- St. Cewydd, Wales, 6th or 7th Century.
12th -- St. Veronica, Jerusalem, 1st Century.
20th -- St. Barhadbesciabas, Persia, 4th Century.


11th -- St. Alexander the Charcoal-Burner.  Turkey, 3rd Century.  Patron Saint of charcoal burners.
16th -- St. Stephen of Hungary, Hungary, c. 975 - 1038.  Patron Saint of Hungary.
23rd -- St. Rose of Lima.  Peru, 1586 – 1617.  Patron Saint of: South America, the Phillipines, Peru, Florists.


13th -- St. John Chrysostom. The Roman Empire, c. 347 - 407. Patron Saint of orators, epileptics, preachers, Constantinople.
17th -- St. Stephen (of St. Stephen and St. Socrates), Wales or England or maybe Turkey.  Timeframe unknown.
19th -- St. Theodore of Tarsus, England, 7th century.
25th -- St. Cleopas, Jerusalem, contemporary of Jesus Christ.


11th -- St. Kenneth. Ireland and Scotland, 6th century. Patron saint of the shipwrecked.
17th -- St. Solina of Chartres, France, 3rd century. 
18th -- St. Luke, Antioch, 1st century.  Patron Saint of Doctors, Artists, and numerous others.
21st -- St. Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena, Colombia, 1874-1949. Patron Saint of: People suffering from racial discrimination, Orphans.
30th -- John Wycliffe, England, 14th century.


4th -- St. Charles Borromeo. Italy, c. 1538 - 1584. Patron Saint of those suffering abdominal pain or illness, apple orchards, bishops, seminarians and other religious students and educators, starch manufacturers.
17th --  St. Hugh of Lincoln, England, 11th century.  Patron Saint of the sick, and swans.
22nd -- St. Cecilia, Rome, 3rd Century or so.  Patron Saint of Music and Poets.


7th -- St. Ambrose of Milan, Milan, 4th Century.
26th -- St. Steven, Jerusalem, 1st Century.

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