Sunday, June 24, 2007

In Which Michael5000 Talks Back to The Man

When bitching about public issues, I really try to resist the logic of "how come they are doing x, but they ain't doing y!?!" In general, that's a pretty naive way of thinking about any complex organization.

Furthermore, it bugs me that many of my fellow Portland lefties enjoy characterising the Portland Police as a sinister cryptofacist brutalizing jaugernaut. It ain't. Complaints about the PPD generally strike me as embarassingly provincial, kind of like complaints about the terrible, terrible Portland traffic.

Having said that, though, it was discouraging that in the same week we learned about the Police Bureau's abyssmal performance in investigating rape cases, we were also treated to the spectacle of officers aggressively ticketing letter-of-the-law traffic infractions by bicycle commuters -- $242 for rolling stops in the light-traffic Southeast Industrial neighborhood. Which is just unspeakably stupid.

C'mon, Rosie. Let's set some priorities.


chuckdaddy2000 said...

Portland's combination of radical leftists and civicness might make for the best city in America (IMO), but it seems to be the worst place to be police chief.

I've only peripherally followed it, but haven't the last 3 been thrown out in scandals? It's like we're not comfortable with that type of authority figure. Maybe that's why a female police chief might work...

Jenny! said...

The popo ruins everything! I don't think the police get enough respect (especially where I am from), but I hate over-ticketing. The town next to mine, targets out of city vehicles to ticket...bastards!