Friday, June 8, 2007

Mission Statement

The deal is, I'm starting this third blog (which, depending on whom you ask, is two to three too many blogs) to deal with topics outside of quilting and half-assed Bible study. These topics might include, but are not limited to, quirky observations, rants about popular music, thoughts on state and local politics, musings on the commonplace adventures of day-to-day life... you know, all of the things that are in such short supply here in the blogosphere.

Here are some examples, just so you can get a sense of the high-quality fare that will be chockablock (Ha! I wrote "chockablog" by accident! LOL!) on "TL&TofM5K," as its fans will know it:
Quirky Observation: Why do people just stand there on escalators? They are just moving stairs: you still get to the top faster if you climb them. But if you are incapable of climbing stairs, I apologize for my insensitivity. [note to self: don't be insensitive on new blog.]
Rant About Popular Music: I don't know about you, but I think the Mountain Goats are awesome! Yeah! And I'm not one of those "well, they used to be cool, but now they suck" people either. I think they're just getting better and better.
Thoughts on State and Local Politics: Measure 37 sure has screwed us good, hasn't it? Damn!
Commonplace Adventures: The nice people in the Thai restaurant down the street, when I come in, they just say "mango peach or avacado?" They don't even need to ask about the salad rolls, all they need to know is which shake I want that day. That kind of personal recognition makes me feel all special and so I tip excessively.
So anyway, you can tell that you'll be in for a kind of treat here that you just won't be able to find elsewhere on the internet.

The truth is, I really just want to be more like my personal blogging heroes, ChuckDaddy and MyDogIsChelsea. Except with, like, 100 comments for every post.

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Karin said...

Why do people walk up/down escalators? You're already moving faster than if you were walking. What's your hurry? Stop and smell the backs of the sweaty knees before you.

Michael5000 said...

Mmmm.... Backs of sweaty knees....

Karin said...

No wait, that was at the crown of the Statue of Liberty in July of '86.

In a mall everything's likely to be quite air conditioned. And probably 14-24 years old and in high heels. Does that help?