Friday, December 21, 2007

An Open Letter to ChuckDaddy

December 21, 2007

Dear ChuckDaddy,

Greetings and best wishes to you this holiday season. I hope that you and Mrs. ChuckDaddy are enjoying your first Christmastime with the adoreable BabyChuckDaddy, and that all is happy and peaceful in your lovely home.

Speaking of BabyChuckDaddy, it has now been three months since the joyful occasion of your son's birth. Now, I am sure you still feel quite "busy," maybe even "overwhelmed," by the various things that a new parent has to learn and do in order to keep a baby safe, healthy, and happy. Doubtless, you aren't getting the kind of sleep you used to!

However, it is also important to remember that parenthood is no excuse for foregoing one's responsibility to the larger community. Think of Julius Caeser, George Washington, Thomas Edison -- where would we be today if these great men of history had said, "no, I can't make my contribution, I'm too exhausted by my parenting?" Likely we would all be speaking Russian.

Back when you started the ChuckDaddyXpress, remember, you weren't just writing whatever popped into your head about random things that struck your interest. You were also making a pact with a readership. A pact that said that you would provide quirky observations and opinions for them to read, in return for which they would shoot off their mouths in your comments.

ChuckDaddy, the time has come for me to remind you of that commitment. You've taken some time to get your child off to a good start, and we all understand that. But three months have gone by. Your paternity leave is over. It is time to return to your duties.

All of us here at The Life & Times of Michael5000 look forward to hearing your accumulated thoughts, opinions, anecdotes, and (with any luck) statistical analyses of your new life as a father. We stand ready to welcome you back to the blogosphere. ChuckDaddy, your readers await you. We know you will not let us down.



Karin said...

Here, here!
There, there!

Bridget said...

I say if ChuckDaddy can pee while wearing ChuckDaddyBaby, he can blog while wearing ChuckDaddyBaby.

McGuff said...

Didn't know what I was missing until just now taking a look.

That's one fine blog.

ChuckDaddy may fear he's now only capable of blogging about BabyChuckDaddy. That too would be welcomed and well done. Sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Well that was nice M5k. Didn't mean to be an asshole and not respond for 2 weeks, I just got back from being out-of town.

2 of my reasons for leaving were (a) that I'd get cheezy or (b) that I'd only talk about the baby. And as much as I have loved fatherhood, I don't really seeing either of those being a problem.

The other one was time. And although I've had plenty of time to pursue such lovely passive endeavors as watching TV and checking the internet while holding my child, typing is a 1-fingered ordeal. And now the only blog I can manage to follow is yours. If I had more of a desk job it would be easier...

Still, thanks for the kudos, and I'm now definitely considering a comeback. We'll see...