Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Monday Quiz VIII

Historical Events in Paintings

The last quiz of 2007!

1. What river? And why?

2. Where?

3. What's going on? (serious extra credit for the name of the painting.)

4. What just happened to this dude? What's the historical context?

5. Who's the painter? What historical event is the painting about? (and, for another shot at extra credit, what is the name of the painting?)

Submit your answers in the comments.

And then check out my quilt, if you didn't already.


fingerstothebone said...

Oooh, old age is doing me in!

1. Delaware? Why, I don't get to the other side?

2. Egypt?

3. Desegregation?

4. The dude just got murdered, and I used to know his name, and I used to know why. But now I'm having hot flashes and I can't remember anything! I think David was implicating Marat of the murder of this guy, but I can't even remember that. Oy!

5. Goya? Spanish Civil War? Really don't know, and no extra credit for me.

Hastily beating a retreat...

fingerstothebone said...

You know what you should do, for those of us that really just can't wait 24 hours before finding out the CORRECT answers — put the answers up at the end of your post, up-side-down.

Anonymous said...

1. Delaware, to sneak up on the British
2. Russia? France?
3. School integration.
4. Murdered, French Rev
5. Dali, and I can tell you nothing else.

Rebel said...

The first question always gives me confidence that I'll know the answers... but then... nope!

1. Washington crossing the Delaware river to attack the British troops on Christmas day.

2. France? Although, I'm sure it's not.

3. I love Norman Rockwell! This little girl is being escorted by guards just to go to school. Integration of schools in the US south.

4. I saw a program where they talked about this painting, but I can't remember much about what they said. I think he's just been assasignated. I can't remember who the letter was to though.

5. Salvador Dali. But, um... no clue on the event. I'm going to guess... the Spanish Inquisition. Because NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition.

d said...

1. Washington crossing the Delaware to surprise the British troops on Christmas Day. It's what won us the war, right?
2. Waterloo. Napoleon surrenders.
3. The national guard had to come into Alabama (?) to escort the first guinea pigs in the desegregation of American public schools. It would've seriously sucked to be those girls.
4. He was assassinated. French Revolution.
5. I believe it's Dali. Spanish Civil War (?).

Dan Nolan said...

1. Washington crossing the Delaware River to beat those dirty Brits.

2. Waterloo

3. Rockwell’s depiction of black girl getting escorted to an all white school. Is it one of the Freedom paintings? Not speech or religion. Freedom of Education?

4. Marat dies in the bathtub in the sewers of Paris during the French Revolution.

5. Dali. Crucifixion?

Jessica said...

1. Delaware River. Because it was a Christmas surprise attack, because Washington was sneaky like that.
2. Waterloo?
3. Integration in American public schools.
4. The death of Marat. He was a politician that had to be in a tub because of some skin condition and then was stabbed.
5. Dali

Unknown said...

1. the Delaware
2. Waterloo? But if so, that dude doesn't look much like a French Surrender Monkey, so I'm gonna guess it's Wellington rather than Napoleon?
3. Rockwell, The Problem We All Live With, dealing with school integration in Louisiana (?)
4. David, The Death of Marat, who was a French Revolutionary (and good friend of David) who was assasinated by a woman named Charlotte Corday, who wrote him a letter seeking an audience, then used the opportunity to stab him while he was soaking in his bathtub/office (he had a skin ailment). David presents him like a Christ figure. Revolutionaries, ho!!!! (I teach this to my undergrads)
5. Dali, Soft Constuction with Boiled Beans, or Premonition of Civil War, dealing with the Spanish Civil War.

Bridget said...

1. The Delaware, probably to kill people
2. Napoleon? Battle of the Bulge in the front of my jacket from placing my hand there because I have indigestion?
3. That would be integration, with graffiti and tomatoes
4. He was assassinated, French revolution, though I prefer David's lady on a couch, er, Madame Recamier.
5. Dali, Spanish Civil War? or, "My HMO will not cover my chiropractic care, and I suffer for it"

like the pop-up window for comments, much easier for the quiz - now off to read the other clever responses - as much fun as baring my own ignorance!

MBG said...

1. Washington crossing the Delaware to attack the British at Trenton.

2. Napoleon at Waterloo

3. Norman Rockwell painting of school desegregation.

4. The Death of Marat - Marat stabbed and killed in his bath by Charlotte Corday during the French Revolution

5. Salvador Dali, the Spanish Civil War

Bridget said...

Whoa. looks like Becky gets some serious bonus winkies, at least for sounding so knowledgeable . . . and Waterloo! Hmmm . . . hints related to ABBA would, pathetically, helped me here if it is in fact Waterloo. Sadly, Battle of the Bulge was WWII . . .

Anonymous said...

1. The Delaware. To catch British troops with their breeches down. Afterwards, a pleasant picnic at Washington Crossing State Park, catered by Mario's Pizzeria.
2. Um, Waterloo?
3. Integration of public schools in the South. I'm thinking it's First Day of School, or Mary Louise Goes to School, or something.
4. Stabbed in his bath by what's-her-name. The aftermath of the French Revolution (oops, almost typed "Revolustion").
5. Do you have a thing for Salvador Dali, or what? I'm guessing the Spanish Civil War. Title is, Another Bad Day at the Office.

Anonymous said...

3 -- US Marshalls escorting a young girl to school during the Civil Rights Movement somewhere in the deep south. Painting was something like "Our Shame".

2 -- at Waterloo.

4 -- dude was murdered. Don't know the context.

5 -- painter was Dali. Historical event was first time he dropped acid. Painting was titled "Number 43".

1 -- the Delaware. To surprise the English.

Michael5000 said...

1. OK, yes, Washington and his scrappy colonials are crossing the Delaware. And I will (graciously) accept that they are on their way to combat "The British" (by surprise, at Trenton, on Christmas, yes). The "British" in question are actually Hessian German mercinaries, though.

2. The short guy on the horse -- who apparently was actually fairly tall, I've recently read -- is having a bad day at his most famous battle. We're at Waterloo, just outside of Brussels.

3. Federal marshalls walking a brave but doubtless kind of freaked-out little girl to school following Brown v. Board. One of several late Norman Rockwell paintings in support of the Civil Rights Movement, this one is called "The Problem We All Live With."

4. Marat has been assassinated in the bath, one of about 8 zillion victims of partisan wranglings following the French Revolution.

5. Salvador Dali, the Spanish Civil War, and the title is.... wait for it... "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)."

Michael5000 said...

Therefore, the MQVIII exclamation points -- the last exclamation points of 2007 -- go to:

d, who is now officially on a roll;

Becky, who one notices tends to especially rock the art categories;

newcomer Annielee; and

Mrs.5000, my very favorite quiz contestant.

d said...

woot! i feel slightly vindicated for my continued failure at the thurs quiz. and, yes, i know this is the easier one—don't kill my buzz.

really though, not only did becky rock it, she 'rocked out with her cock out'. i mean seriously. no one else even came close.

Michael5000 said...

I didn't know she keeps poultry.

Unknown said...

I didn't even know I keep poultry... Rock on, d!