Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Thursday Quiz XIV

From beautiful Portland, Oregon, City of Roses, it's the internet's most debonair weekly quiz of general knowledge! It's

The Thursday Quiz!

The Thursday Quiz is, as always, a "Is It or Isn't It" game. From the list of twelve items, your job is to determine whether each IS or ISN'T a true example of the week's category.

Remember always the one thing that you are not licenced to do:

No research, Googling, Wikiing, or use of reference books. The Thursday Quiz is a POP quiz. Violators will be dispatched in a highly creative fashion after a long, gloating, expository speech.
This Week's Category is by Her Majesty's special request!

James Bond Movies

1. From Russia with Love
2. The Killing Touch
3. Live and Let Die
4. The Living Daylights
5. The Purloined Letter
6. Thunderball
7. To Have and Have Not
8. A Touch of Evil
9. Up the Down Staircase
10. A View to a Kill
11. What Happened at Midnight
12. You Only Live Twice

Submit your answers in the form of a comment, in a suave, urbane, and unruffled -- but deadly -- fashion.


fingerstothebone said...

Hey, glad it's here early. I have to go to bed early tonight.

1. yes
2. no
3. yes
4. yes
5. no
6. yes
7. no
8. no
9. no
10. yes
11. no
12. yes

Karin said...

1,3,4,10,12 are.
the rest are other nice things.

Allie said...


1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. No
6. Yes
7. No
8. No...
9. No
10. Yes?
11. No
12. Yes

d said...

1, 3, 6, 10 and 12

Rex Parker said...

1, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12

I am close to certain about this. I want my star! Or whatever it is you're handing out these days.


mrs.5000 said...

OK--I've got little Y's next to 1,3, 6, 8, 10, and 12. Though I confess to not paying much attention in recent years. And yes, now I understand while you were singing the theme from Goldfinger this morning.

DrSchnell said...

Pop culture is weird. I'm certain that I have a very high percentage of these correct, if not all of them, yet I've only ever seen a couple of Bond movies in my life. But somehow these titles are all filed away up in my gray matter instead of, for example, the names of my children.
1. yes
2. no
3. yes
4. yes
5. no
6. yes
7. no
8. no
9. no
10. yes
11. no
12. yes

Sandy said...

If only you could see how suave I am right now. But initially I did laugh, because this is an awesome Quiz.
1. Y
2. N
3. Y
4. N
5. N
6. Y
7. N
8. N
9. N
10. N
11. N
12. N

Rebel said...

Oh for the love of pete!

1 is
2 isn't
3 is
4 isn't
5 isn't
6 isn't
7 isn't
8 isn't
9 isn't
10 is
11 isn't
12 is

Can I have a martini now?

Becky said...

1. is
2. isn't
3. is. i think this is the jane seymour one. i'm a big fan of "dr. quinn medicine woman," in addition to bond. what can i say??
4. is. but a timothy dalton one, so should really only count for 1/2.
5. isn.t is poe.
6. is.
7. most definitely isn't.
8. isn't. orson welles.
9. isn't.
10. is.
11. isn't. but no idea what it is.
12. is.

fun quiz!

blythe said...

oohooh! those TNT/spike TV marathons are really paying off! i can do this!

Mr. Shain said...

1 and 12 are the only ones i recognize. i am deficient. (sad face)

Phineas said...

Put a bullet through 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, but enjoy your [[insert name of senselessly overpriced vodka you can't recognize anyway]] martini watching 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Since you asked for suave comments I felt a numbered list was not in order.

Stumbled on your blog recently courtesy of Rex. Hope you don't mind a random new player.

G said...

1. yes
2. no
3. yes
4. no
5. no
6. yes
7. yes?
8. no
9. no
10. yes
11. no
12. yes

Half of them sound like Agatha Christie novels, which is confusing but awesome in its way. ...Of course, I doubt any of them *are* Agatha Christie novels, as such is my gift for misidentification.

Laura said...

1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes
4. No
5. No
6. No
7. No
8. No
9. No
10. Yes
11. No
12. No

Chance said...

1. From Russia with Love- yes
2. The Killing Touch- no
3. Live and Let Die- yes
4. The Living Daylights- yes
5. The Purloined Letter- no, but a great story.
6. Thunderball- yes
7. To Have and Have Not- no, but one of the bets movies of all time. you know how whistle, don't you?
8. A Touch of Evil- no, but a pretty decent orson welles film.
9. Up the Down Staircase- no, isn't this a comedy about a bumbling teacher?
10. A View to a Kill- yes
11. What Happened at Midnight- no
12. You Only Live Twice- yes

Boo said...

1. yes
2. no
3. yes
4. yes
5. no
6. yes
7. no
8. no
9. no
10. yes
11. no
12. yes

Woohoo! Thank you for not putting Octopussy on there.

I finally made it for a quiz! That alone it exciting enough for me. I am calling it a night on that note.

Michael5000 said...

Smashing. As many of you know, the actual James Bond movies in the set were:

From Russia with Love
Live and Let Die
The Living Daylights
A View to a Kill
You Only Live Twice

The fun part of making these quizzes is of course coming up with the plausible false answers, and although I didn't fool many people this week I had a blast trying to.

"The Purloined Letter" is a story by Edgar Allen Poe.

"To Have and Have Not" is a Hemingway novel.

"A Touch of Evil" is, well, a Judas Priest song actually. But yes, "Touch of Evil" is an Orson Wells flick.

"Up the Down Staircase" is a popular comic novel from the 1960s.

"What Happened at Midnight" is a Hardy Boys title.

"The Killing Touch" is just one I made up.

Michael5000 said...

No fewer than SIX contestants nailed the quiz with a flawless 12/12, which meant that -- as is so often true on Thursdays -- speed mattered.

Which means that the Gold Star went to lightning-fast defending champion and random movie enthusiast fingerstothebone! She's the third back-to-back champion, as Karin took TQIV & TQV, and Mrs.5000 took TQIX & TQX.

The Silver goes to the TQ XII winner, Allie.

The Blue Star goes to Rex Parker, his fourth.

Abundant Green Stars this week, to becky, drschnell, and chance. It's the first TQ star for the latter two, although chance has an exclamation point in his trophy case already.

Michael5000 said...

@drschnell: I confess I can only remember the name of one of your children just at the moment. But I have them written down somewhere. You can call me in a pinch.

@sandy: I definitely felt the suavite'.

@rebel: Just before a long flight is a great time for a martini, in my book. I say go for it.

@blythe: You SAY you can do this...

@phineas: Any blogfriend of Rex's is a blogfriend of mine.

@g: Now THAT is a precious gift you have. Cherish it.

@Boo: Ack, I TOTALLY ROBBED YOU!! For you, too, Boo, earned a Green Star! My apologies. Never fear, your first TQ star is properly noted in the Great Book of Quiz Scores.

Bridget Benton said...

OOo! bummer I missed this one! Brilliant quiz!