Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Monday Quix LX

The Monday Quiz goes to __________!

1. Where was this?

2. What's underneath the wrapping?

3. What famous landmark is this?

4. Tell me about this flag.

5. Give me either of the two names this building goes by.

Submit your answers in the comments.


fingerstothebone said...

1. Berlin
2. Reichstag
3. Brandenburg gate
4. Well, it's black, red, and yellow, has a wreath of wheat circling around a...compass
5. Haven't we seen this picture before? And I still didn't learn my lesson...

Cartophiliac said...

1. Berlin
2. My birthday present?
3. Brandenburg Gate
4. GDR
5. Cinderella's Castle... or maybe Sleeping Beauty.

mysterymoor said...

oh yes!

Deutsche Reichstag
Brandenburger tor
Deutsche Demokratische Republik

Having lived in Germany might have helped :) I think this is the first time ever I don't look at your quiz and go "WHAAAAAT?!"

d said...

germany! home of the schnitzel.

1. berlin
2. is it a naked lady in a cake?
3. brandenburg gate
4. it's a flag. i think of western germany. it's got a pretty compass on it.
5. castle von strumm, my mom's house.

Anonymous said...

1. Berlin
2. Reichtag, in Berlin
3. Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin
4. Flag of the Deutsches Democratische Republic, capital of which was Berlin
5. Neuschwanstein, which isn't anywhere near Berlin.

Rebel said...

1. Berlin
2. The Reichstag
3. The Brandenburg gate
4. It did not win M5K's best flag, tricolor division... that honor went to Estonia, the only country with official diplomatic ties to The Life & Times of Michael5000.
5. That's Mad King Ludwig's Castle, Ugh... Neufchatel? No, that's the cheese....Neurwachtenstein? I can't remember - it was the inspiration for the castle at Disneyland though.

Christine M. said...

1. Berlin
2. Reichstag
3. Brandenburg Gate
4. a flag of a former Germany, East Germany maybe?
5. Neuschwanstein (sp?)

Anonymous said...

1 / East and West Berlin
2 / The home of Cristo and Jeanne-Calude
3 / The Brandenburg Gate, inspiration for many concerti
4 / The flag of East Germany
5 / Mad Ludwig's Castle, inspiration for many a jigsaw puzzle

Anonymous said...


1. Berlin (wall)
2. Reichstag?
3. Brandenberg Gate
4. It needs a competition to make it prettier.
5. No.

DrSchnell said...

1. Berlin
2. the Reichstag, wrapped up as art by Christo (sp?)
3. Brandenburg Gate
4. The flag of the German Democratic Republic. 33.3% of their name was correct anyway.
5. crazy King Ludwig's castle at Neuschwanstein (sp?). Which the Disneyland castle was modeled on, I hear.

Anonymous said...

1 The Berlin Wall
2 The German seat o' government--I believe it's the Bundestag, though a small part of me fears being told, you know, that's German for Tuesday.
3 The Brandenburg Gate
4 I believe that was the flag of the DDR, AKA East Germany.
5 Neuschwanstein, or Mad King Ludwig's Castle. Quite the Wagnerian play palace!

Ben said...

The Monday quiz goes to Germany!

1. The Berlin Wall was in Berlin.
2. There is a very large frat house under there, ready for a toga party.
3. I'm guessing that's the Brandenburg Gate.
4. That's an open-ended quiz question if I've ever heard one. Do I get credit if I tell you it's black, red, and yellow? I know it's a German flag, but I couldn't tell you if it's current or an older East or West German flag.
5. I never remember the name of this castle, but it sure is scenic!

DrSchnell said...

Oh, and the theme for the quiz is Germany, since I forgot to type that.

Kritkrat said...

1. Berlin Wall
2. Reichstag building?
3. Brandenburg Gate
4. Flag of East Germany
5. Neuschwanstein - Disney's inspiration for Cinderella's castle!

And spatzle is way better than schnitzel!

Anonymous said...

It's Castle5000 with the cloaking device off.

mhwitt said...

1. Berlin.
2. My greatest Lego masterpiece.
3. I don't know, but some kid is going to be pissed that his/her toy horse and chariot set was put so far out of reach.
4. It's a mighty purty flag.
5. Hogwarts / Mickey's Pleasure Palace (Euro Disney.)

Dan Nolan said...

1. Berlin
2. The Reichstag
3. The Brandenburg Gate
4. It's the Second Reich's version of the German Flag
5. The Magic Kingdom.

Michael5000 said...

Greetings from Germany!

1. The Berlin Wall in, duh, Berlin.
2. The Reichstag, or "German seat o' government" if you must.
3. The Brandenburg Gate.
4. The Flag of the former East Germany.
5. Neuschwanstein, or "Mad Ludwig's Castle"! Easy to confuse with the uncloaked Castle5000, except for its lack of flying buttresses.

Michael5000 said...

Making the winners of the MQLXEP (Pronounced "Em QWELL Zep") the following heroic and sexy entrants:



la gringissima




Sorry, no prattle about who has won how many times tonight, as I'm not on the computer with the spreadsheet. As if anybody really cared anyway.

Congrats to all!

The Calico Cat said...

I would have rocked this one...

MJ said...

why oh why did i have to go on holidays this month!!! the first easy quiz and i have to miss it :(
happy new year, by the way