Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Monday Quiz LIX

Scientific Processes!

1. What are the red and the green thingies in this diagram called?

2. At a small scale and at a large scale, these are problematic instances of the process of ____________?

3. What's happening here?

4. With the little red dots representing water, and the big blue dots representing a substance in solution, this is the process of _____________.

5. In this diagram of the water cycle, you probably won't have too much trouble identifying Process #1, the arrow coming up from the water. But, can you identify Process #2, the arrow coming up from the forest?

Submit your answers in the comments.


Elizabeth said...

He blinded me with science!

protons and neutrons
transpiration (tree sweat)

Rebel said...

1. protons and neutrons
2. erosion
3. consequence
4. osmosis
5. evaporation?

Christine M. said...

1. protons and neutrons
2. erosion
3. refraction
4. tiny time pills?
5. process #1 is evaporation, process #2 is...boiling trees?

Jennifer said...

I feel no concern that we would make the official standings, but if we did, you'd have to disqualify this as it turned into a group process this morning, but The Boy wants to post our answers, so--

1. protons and neutrons
2. erosion
3. refraction
4. osmosis
5. evaporation (The Boy thinks that you're trying to trick us. He has studied this in school and wasn't taught a different answer.)

d said...

1. protons and neutrons. and the blue thingies are electrons. there that's my extra credit for the day.

2. erosion. although i wouldn't necessarily call it problematic. the grand canyon wouldn't be here without it.

3. refraction

4. osmosis. the way my brain gathers and loses much of it's knowledge.

5. photosynthesis? it's the only thing i know that trees do. besides grow and provide shade and edible things.

Anonymous said...

1. Protons and neutrons. The ones around the edge are klingons.
2. Erosion.
3. Refraction or communication between the human genders for beginners.
4. Osmosis.
5. I am not sure of the name of the process, photosynthesis? It is the plants releasing their oxygen and it contributing to the cloud afterward. er something.

Chance said...

Science! That's where I'm the opposite of a Viking! Like you know, a Pict or something. Well, nothing ventured and so on.

1. the nucleus contains the protons and neutrons.
2. erosion? (also may be an example of our rapidly drying rivers and streams and urbanization causes the disappearance of watersheds that used to be plentiful)
3. refraction
4. osmosis
5. transpiration.

mhwitt said...

Introductory science courses, don't fail me now!

1. protons and neutrons, both within the nucleus.
2. erosion.
3. a projectile's trajectory is diagrammed. It first travels through the air, then enters water (or perhaps some other liquid.) It's angle is altered, becoming closer to horizontal. Or perhaps you are looking for a single word. Heck, I don't know what this diagram represents. Foiled again!
4. osmosis, I believe.
5. transpiration.

Anonymous said...

1 / neutrons and protons
2 / erosion
3 / refraction
4 / osmosis
5 / 1=condensation; 2=transpiration

Anonymous said...

1 protons and neutrons
2 erosion
3 refraction
4 big blue dots obeying arrows! um, uh, precipitation.
5 transpiration

gS49 said...

1 protons & neutrons
2 erosion great and small
3 refraction(?)
4 osmosis, I think
5 transpiration, if it's from leaves

Fool for paper said...

1) Neutrons and Protons
2) Erosion?
3) Refraction
4) Osmosis – but maybe I don’t have this right because the solute is moving from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration.
5) Respiration

Nichim said...

1. protons and neutrons (stuff is made of smaller stuff and space!)
2. erosion (water works!)
3. refraction (light bends!)
4. osmosis (systems balance!)
5. respiration (plants breathe!)

I <3 Science!

PB said...

1. Protons and neutrons
2. Irrigation
3. The angle of a ray of light is changing as it hits water.
4. desalination
5. Arrrgh. I know I memorized this at some point years ago. Evaporation? I have a feeling that's Process 1, though. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

1. water molecules
2. erosion
3. refraction?
4. hmmm. reverse filtration? no idea...
5. water sprites

Ben said...

1. protons and neutrons--they make up the nucleus of the atom.
2. erosion
3. refraction
4. osmosis
5. I would have guessed that both Process #1 AND Process #2 were evaporation, but I sense that you are looking for something different. And this wasn't covered in "The Magic School Bus: The Water Cycle." Could it be some by-process (I think I just made up that word) of photosynthesis?

Michael5000 said...

All right, listen up kids:

You've got your
1 - protons and neutrons
2 - erosion
3 - refraction
4 - osmosis
and 5 - yes, it is a by-product of photosynthesis, and yes, it is involved in plant respiration, and yes, it is a kind of evaporation, kind of -- but the specific term for the release of gaseous water by plant life is transpiration.

fingerstothebone said...

1. Oh dear, neutrons & protons?
2. Erosion
3. Refraction
4. hmmm...I figured the blue dots would be going the other way...reverse osmosis?
5. well, the plants are losing water through their leaves...don't know what it's called

Aargh! I was trying to add this, but it wouldn't let me and wouldn't let me, then I realized that I wasn't logged in, and now I see you've already posted the answer. But oh well, it didn't matter, I didn't win nothin' anyhow...shucks.

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: but you tried, that's the important thing.

The MQLIX (pronounced "Em Queue Lee") Exclamation Point Winners are therefore:

Chance, who with 21 EPs is tied for second and just one EP out of first on the all-time leaderboard.

gs49, who with 9 EPs is in 9th.

and Elizabeth, who has 6 EPs and moves into a tie for 14th.

Can I just say here, parenthetically, how much I loved the song "She Blinded Me With Science." I had the 45RPM single my sophomore year of high school, and all but wore that puppy smooth.

Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful!!!

I don't believe it!!
There she goes again!!
She's tidied up and I can't find anything!!
All my tubes and wires, and careful notes!! And antiquated notions!!

...OK, enough out of me. On to the highly exciting movie review or whatever I have for Tuesday.

Michael5000 said...

There has been a further review of the MQLIX results. The issue is with question #5, intended as a two-answer question (Process #1 and Process #2), which was generally given just one answer (Process #2).

After review, the answers that only included Process #2 will continue to be accepted due to the ambiguity of the question's wording. However, answers that had Process #1 labelled incorrectly but Process #2 labelled correctly will now be considered correct, since the Process #1 section of the question is now thrown out. Got that?

When the smoke clears, Karmasartre emerges a little battered but clutching a MQLIXEP. It's his 17th, and moves him into a tie for 5th. Zowie!

Anonymous said...

That song immediately attacked my brain after reading your comment.


MulchMaid said...

I swear, the first time I knew all the answers and I'm late to the party.....oh, well.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late. But whatever.

1. The nucleus (protons and neutrons).
2. Erosion?
3. Light is refracting?
4. Osmosis? oh wait... the opposite of osmosis?? Oh hell.
5. Making Portland gloomy.