Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXII

Looking Down on Big Cities

In recognition that this might be, well, a little harder than usual, this time you have seven chances to make five. Name the cities shown in the various aerial images. Three of them are American, and two are European, but that's it for the hints.








Submit your answers in the comments.


Cartophiliac said...

1. Chicago
2. Copenhagen
3. Portland
4. Des Moines
5. Seattle
6. Boulder
7. Lisbon

Anonymous said...

1 - Chicago, USA
2 - Venice, Italy
3 - Washington, D.C., USA
4 - [does not display]
5 - Seattle, USA
6 - Cairo, Egypt
7 - Tokyo, Japan

Jennifer said...

Right. Well, I'm not playing this one, though I am fond of aerials, but I just thought I'd note that, as of the time I checked out your blog (and maybe this has been true for a while, but I just noticed), the "Project Wonderful" ads are "Handmade Knits / Soft as a kitten" and "Attract and Seduce Women / Guaranteed to Work."

While the second ad is causing considerable sleaze damage, it's really the way the text blends together that caught my attention.

MJ said...

1. Dublin?
2. Venice?
3. Paris?
4. London (well, at least i'll have one right)
5. I can't see the image. I'll try later.
6. Is that a city?? it must be in Australia or Mars, mmmm. I say Las Vegas.
7. That looks like a lake... so, Zurich? (No, wait, that's Europe. I already said too many. Never mind, let's say Zurich.)
This is not my final answer. This is too Europe-centered :(

MJ said...

ok, i see no. 5 now, but i have absolutely no idea.

Anonymous said...

1. Chicago
2. Venice Italy
3. Washington, DC
4. London England
5. Doesn't display
6. Cairo, Egypt
7. Yokohamma, Japan

d said...

1. chicago! (probably the only one i will recognize as we all know how map-stupid i am)
2. venice
3. portland, ore
4. london
5. seattle
6. aspen, co
7. someplace in finland

Rebel said...

4 is London,

7 - salt lake city?

Clueless on the rest, if #3 is portland, I have no right to ever go back. The river looks right, but there are too many diagonals.

DrSchnell said...

1. Chicago
2. Venice
3. Washington D.C.
4. London
5. no idea
6. no idea
7. no idea.

Anonymous said...

1. Chicago
2. Venice
3. D.C.
4. London
5. Seattle
6. Cairo
7. Legoland Lake

Elizabeth said...

I don't look down on big cities at all. I do feel sorry for them sometimes, though.

1. Chicago.
2. Looks like it's drowning, so it must be Venice.
3. Portland! A tricksy picture, my precious.
4. London, my good chap.
5. Lots of water again ... Amsterdam?
6. Big ol' delta in the middle of the desert - Cairo.
7. Anchorage, I think - looks like a lot of glacial runoff there.

Guessity guess guess!

Anonymous said...

1 Chicago
2 Venezia
3 Washington D.C.
4 London?
5 Seattle?
6 Cairo?
7 Hong Kong?

Ben said...

I believe #5 is Seattle, but that's the only one I can recognize.

I think this is a very cool quiz this week, even though I don't know the answers. The aerial views are really interesting.

Anonymous said...

1. Chicago
2. Venice? It looks like it is sinking.
3. Not sure but like the lines.
4. 5. 6. 7. I do not know. Only one looks familiar a tiny bit but no name comes to mind.

These are the places where my palaces are located.

Ok. maybe not.

Anonymous said...

1 / Chicago
2 / Venice
3 / Washington D.C.
4 / London
5 / Seattle
6 / Cairo, Egypt
7 / Tokyo ?

Kritkrat said...

Pass. But if that 3rd one is really Oregon and not DC, I have no idea where I lived for 2 years...

Michael5000 said...

1. It's the distinctive lakeshore urban Center of Chicago.

2. The island city of Venice.

3. Washington, D.C., with the Capital Mall, the Whitehouse, the radial streets and plazas, and so on.

4. London, which you either just know or might be able to clue into from the ponds in Hyde Park.

5. Seattle, with its thin Isthmus, Lake Union and the Union Canal, Lake Washington and Mercer Island, and Microsoftville....

6. Cairo, right where the Nile Valley begins to spread into the Nile Delta.

7. Tokyo Harbor, with it's highly modified artificial shoreline.

Michael5000 said...

We have three EPs going out tonight. One to KarmaSartre, whom it must be said rocked the proverbial house with this one. Mrs.5000 and Critical Bill also excelled, nailing 6/5.

Two anonymous people also scored six correct answers, but being as how they are anonymous it doesn't do them a ton of good. If you are one of the people who submitted anonymously, and you want to come back with an actual user ID, ye shall be entered into ye bigge booke of the Quiz winners. Otherwise -- you are nothing! Nothing!

The Calico Cat said...

Dammit - I am already to answer & then I remember that yesterday was a holiday & that I am once again a day late...

Rebel said...

Ok - Please tell me when Egypt was accepted into the European union because I thought that had to be the Nile, but you said there were 5 US and 2 EUROPEAN cities. I protest.

Rebel said...

oh... or three are American, and two are european... but seriously, Michael, that puts the math-impaired among us at a distinct disadvantage. =(