Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXIII

Rock: the 1960s

The 1960s was when the greatest rock music ever made was being made, at least if you are a fan of the rock music of the 1960s! Hum your favorite Beatles tunes to yourself as you identify the following rock artists of that great decade.

1. Who is this gentleman?

2. Who are these young lads?

3. How come... No, wait. The question is: Who are these guys?

4. Who are these fellows? Careful, now....

5. And: Identify either these guys....

...or these guys.

Submit your answers in the comments with a blast of guitar distortion presaging the hard rock of the 1970s.


fingerstothebone said...

1. Bob Dylon (sp?), I know this because he does look just like Cate Blanchette (sp?)
2. the Rolling Stones
3. the Doors, and I know this because he does look just like Val Kilmer.
4. Jimmi Hendrix and 4 dudes
5. I don't know, they don't look like anyone.

Elaine said...

1. Bob Dylan WAY back when
2. Um...the Monkees?
3. I see Henry Winkler; is this the cast of Happy Days? I admit I never saw this, but when I moved back to the States, my jr high students were all into The Fonz. I missed 3 yrs of TV "culture" in the 70's.
4. Wow. I have no clue, but the fairly tame "long hair" is Early Beatles in style.
5. When I worked at a residential treatment center, we called these PINS--"persons in need of supervision."
tut tut, no star for me!

The Calico Cat said...

1. Bob Dylan

2. the stones (of the rolling variety)

3. the doors

4. Jimmi is the one who sticks out (as in Hendrix) Get it "who" sticks out... As in The Who, Pete Townsend, Rodger Daltrey, Keith Moon & John something or other, not necessarily in that order...

5. Who can I rule out... The Beatles, The Animals, The Yardbirds, The Moody Blues, & Herman's Hermits... I GIVE UP!

Christine M. said...

1. Bob Dylan
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. Jimi Hendrix surrounded by The Who (nice guitar!)
5. The Byrds
6. Is that Ray Davies I spy? I think so. The Kinks

Cartophiliac said...

1. Bob Dylan (looks sorta like KD Laing....)

2. Rolling Stones. Ugliest rock band in history

3. Doors - most overrated dead guy band in history

4. Jimi Hendrix (aka Buckwheat) with the Who

5. One of them is the Kinks

Nichim said...

1. Bob Dylan
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. Jimi Hendrix and some British dudes: The Who?
5. Jeeze, I don't know, those dudes need a haircut.
6. The Kinks?

Nichim said...

Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison look rather similar in those photos. They both should have been drag queens.

lamanyana said...

1) Dylan
2) Rolling Stones (I recognize Mick at least
3) The Doors
4) Jimi Hendrix and the Who (or at least I assume it's the Who - I can only recognize the one with the big nose - is that Roger Daltrey?)
5) Hmm.. this one is hard/ Is this one of the incarnations of the Yardbirds? (I know I've seen this picture before, though.)
6) Another hard one - Maybe the Animals?

Anonymous said...

1. Bob Dylan
2. Rolling Stones, unless they were called something else back then.
3. Doors
4. Jimi Hendrix and the... um... Jim Hendrix Band?
5. The Angry Young Men


The Young Men Trying to Look Angry But Failing Because of Various Silly Pants and Poses

Anonymous said...

Talkin' about m-m-m-y -g-g-g-gen-gen-gen -eration.

1 / Dylan
2 / Rolling Stones (Brian Jones version)
3 / The Doors
4 / The Who around Jimi Hendrix
5 / The Byrds / The Kinks

25% deceased

Anonymous said...

1. Dylan
2. Stones
3. Doors
4. Hendrix with The Who
5. Manfred Mann, Kinks

Kritkrat said...

1. Dylan
2. Rolling Stones
3. Doors
4. The Who w/Hendrix
5. The Byrds idea who those last guys are.

Are you custom making these for me lately? I think I'm going to run over to our LP room and see if I can figure out who those last guys are. I think that's a productive thing to do at work...

Dan Nolan said...

1. Robert Zimmerman (aka Dylan)
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. The Who with Jimi Hendrix
5. 2nd one looks like Faces.

Ben said...

1. Bob Dylan
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. Jimi Hendrix with The Who (thanks for the warning)
5. I don't know... is one of the The Byrds?

What, no Spinal Tap? Or the Mamas and the Papas?

Anonymous said...

OK, this is really embarrassing, but I left my answers back at the map post.

d said...

1 bobby d!
2 mick and the rolling stones.
3 the doors
4 jimi hendrix and the something experience. or was it just the jimi hendrix experience (which is completely dirty)? i don't remember.
5a the who? (the guy on the very far left looks like corey feldman.)
5b the we really like our crotches band. cream? the byrds?

Anonymous said...

1 Bob Zimme--er, Dylan

2 Rolling Stones

3 The Doors, featuring the Lizard King

4 The Who, worshipfully surrounding Jimi Hendrix

5 The Byrds (and--not sure--The Animals? Don't think so. No one's short enough to be Eric Burdon, I don't think.)

mysterymoor said...

1. mr dylan (not the 90210 character played by luke perry)
2. The Stones
3. The Doors
4. The Who + Hendrix

no idea on the last two. Hey I'm only 25

Anonymous said...

1. Dylan
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. The who and J. Hendrix
5. Byrds?
6. Kinks

Plaid pants stole the show.

Jenners said...

Finally ... something that I know about!!!!

1. Bob Dylan
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. The Who with Jimi Hendrix
5. The Kinks

Michael5000 said...

All right, rock and roll gods and goddesses. We've got:

1. Bob Dylan
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. The Who with Jimi Hendrix
5a. The Byrds
5b. The Kinks

Michael5000 said...

MQLXIII EPs and special edition plaid pants are in the mail to la gringissima, Karmasartre, and Boo, the three who correctly ID'ed all six bands.

EPs also to Carto, Nichim, Critical Bill, Kadonkadonk, Jenners, Mrs.5000, Ben, and sister jen.

This of course produces all sorts of interest and excitement on the leaderboard, about which I will not discourse tonight because I am freaking tired and about to fall asleep on the keyboard.

But you guessed it, Kadonkadonk. I'm rigging it so you can win. See you for the Thursday Quiz, which will be on Street Names of Downtown Juneau!

DrSchnell said...

Damn! forgot to check yesterday.
1. Mr. Robert Zimmerman of Hibbing, MN
2. Rolling Stones
3. The Doors
4. Jimi Hendrix with the Who
5. Dunno. How 'bout Eric Burdon and the Animals (for part 1) and, um, how about Herman's Hermits for pt. 2