Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That Other Media Outlet's Flag Makeover

Remember, people, we did it here first! It was a full year ago now that the eXtreme talents and minds of the L&TM5K readership were applied to the task of redesigning the Oregon flag. Our best efforts were reviewed in this post. I was, lamentably, unable to interest the Governor in taking us serious, which I frankly think betrayed a certain lack of leadership and vision.

Then -- and you certainly don't hear me making any careless accusations of "plagiarism" or "intellectual property theft" or "craven immitation" here -- the 'gonian pops up with its own contest to redesign the Oregon flag just eight months later! I sent documentation of our pioneering efforts in this realm into the contest chair, but did I get the mere courtesy of a response? No. No, I didn't. Sheesh.

I have to admit, though, that the winning entry is pretty good. It was designed by... by... oops! Forgot to write that down when I took the picture. Oh well, whoever they did, they did a pretty good job. Keeping an element of the old flag was a slick move.

Last I heard, the Governor's Office was still playing hardball -- by which I mean, showing no interest in random flag redesign contests. Where are their priorities?


Say What You Like About the Great Movies Project...

But it does encourage eclectic viewing!

I never know what's going to be waiting for me when I pick up my library reserves.


Rebel said...

Yeah, your intellectual property was ROBBED man! See what happens when you post things willy-nilly online?

What I like about the new flag - the beaver, the green, and the remarkable similarity to the Thai flag actually.

What I don't like - the star... what's up with the star? You can't see the stars through the clouds 9 months of the year anyway. Seems a bit out of nowhere.

Yankee in England said...

You were robbed ROBBED I say. Do you get funny looks from the librarians? I always get funny looks when I pick up my reserved list, don't think they know how to handle those crazy Americans.

Anonymous said...

When you start to weary of The Seventh Seal (and I'm sure you will), I recommend you view it as an extended infomercial for a wonderful new game combining Kingdom of Loathing with Chess.com.

DrSchnell said...

Say what you will about Bill and Ted (and I happen to love the Bill and Ted movies), but they do have a great scene where they play Twister with Death, a la 7th Seal.

Jenners said...

Hi ya! I just posted my coffee table book post for your party! Don't know if would like to link to it for your friends! I'm encouraging people who read my book blog to try a post if they want ... don't worry, I mention you and your idea -- I'm not like the a-holes on the Oregon flag redesign committtee! : )

Jenners said...

Oh yeah... here is the link to the post: http://findyournextbookhere.blogspot.com/2009/02/coffee-table-book-party-timeless-toys.html

Michael5000 said...

@Reb: Yeah, the star seems a little pointless to me too. I think it's the week link.

@Yank: You know, I actually wrote and then erased a sentence about how the librarians often seem to hesitate for a moment when I check out this kind of combo, then think better of saying anything. I think it's considered bad form among librarians to comment on patrons' selections.

@Mrs.5000: But I have the highest hopes for The Seventh Seal! Also, the deepest fears.

@DrSchnell: Strangely, I do not find the Bill and Ted movies on Ebert's list.

@Jenners: I will link you from the next installment of the party, k? K.

Yankee in England said...

I guess American librarians have better manners than English ones. Except for the one at Culpeper Public Library that my best friend and I lovingly refered to as grumpy gay guy. We were not being homophobic he was gay and it made for great illiteration. You tended not to ask for help if he was maning the desk hence the grumpy part.