Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXIV

The 1990s in the United States of America

...with apologies to those readers who do not live in the United States of America, or who are under the age of nine.

1. Why the long face?

2. Who is this guy?

3. What does the blue line represent? How about the red line?

4. Why, preferably in two words, is this man feeling consternation?

5. What's going on here?

Submit your answers in the comments.


I couldn't figure out how to work this into the Quiz, but remember how incredibly Hi-Tech corporate websites looked in 1996 when that whole "World Wide Web" thing broke? Here, I'll refresh your memory:


LegalMist said...

Here are my best guesses:

1. Monica Lewinsky was not happy to be questioned under oath by Republicans in the House of Representatives.

2. Bob Dole

3. Blue = Dow
Red = Nasdaq

4. "It moved!"

5. Emergency vehicles are responding to the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

LegalMist said...

Okay, you have to disqualify me. I just read the rules, and when I did this quiz I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to look things up, for example to double-check dates or spelling.

I was fairly sure about the answers to four of them, but did some research to confirm my suspicion on one of them. I may be wrong anyway on the others, but please just take me out of the running and/or delete my answers.

I'm sorry! It wasn't until after I posted my answers that I took time to read through the rules. I participate in quizzes on several sites, and some of them don't care if you do research -- I was just confused, and I'm sorry!

Please don't ban me from the site!

Elaine said...

1. Monica Lewinsky is testifying about Bill Clinton. How much pain should one person have to take?
2. Senator Bob Dole. He wanted to be President, but he was a meanie before Dick Cheney made it fashionable....
3. ?Home prices in red vs income in blue? Global warming?
4. panic attack
George is enjoying the massage, which is being done by a guy
5. Slight traffic problem? Water main break?
Three out of 5--am I improving?

Anonymous said...

1. Monica Lewinsky testifying about sexual relations with Bill Clinton
2. Bob Dole
3. Hmmm, new email accounts, new cell phone users?
4. It moved!
5. Response to 1993 World Trade Center bombing

d said...

1. monica lewinsky testifying about NOT having sex with bill. it was just a tiny little blowjob after all.

2. bobby dole! represent kansas, yo. when he was in office, i thought he was satan incarnate, but then he quit getting elected and started doing viagra commercials and he became human again.

3. blue = dow, red nasdaq (dot com bubble)

4. it moved!

5. after the world trade center bombing?

6. mmmm. sliders.

Nichim said...

I seem to have pretty much missed the 90's. I remember going to war protests in the beginning. But why not take the quiz anyway?
1. Monica Lewinsky, taking an oath to tell the truth about being gross with Bill Clinton during that impeachment business.
2. Someone who likes to be photographed looking like it's the 50s.
3. Something to do with the stock market, probably everyone getting all hot in the pocket over internet start-ups.
4. That hurts? This is from that show called Seinfeld, perhaps?
5. This is Manhattan, but that doesn't look like the usual traffic jam. Some kind of emergency.

Rebel said...

1. She has a nasty stain on her dress and it just won't come out.

2. I'm Bob Dole.

3. Um....

4. yeah...

5. It reminds me of 9/11 and that stresses me out. =(

fingerstothebone said...

1. she's about to testify about her little escapade w/ Bill Clinton (she==Monical Lewinsky)

2. Bob Dole

3. Hmmm, the blue line is the "regular" stock market gains and the red line is the market gains?

4. Is Sein Feld two words?

5. I'm stumped

DrSchnell said...

1. Monica Lewinsky is pissed about her dry-cleaning bill to get Bill stains out of her dress. And she's probably answering questions from some Republican douchebag congressman.
2. Spokesman for Viagra, formerly known as Bob Dole, minority/majority leader of the Senate from Kansas, and hapless presidential candidate in 1996.
3. How 'bout the Down Jones average and the NASDAQ average, respectively?
4. He's George from Seinfeld, and he pretty much feels consternation all the time about everything.
5. World Trade Center bombing, the prequel (car bomb in the garage underneath it, I believe.)

DrSchnell said...

Oops, that would be DOW Jones, not Down.

Anonymous said...

1 She's already heard too many Monica Lewinsky jokes, and is about to have to tell a few more under oath.
2 Senator (not President!) Bob Dole
3 OK, this looks like it's showing the Dot Com bubble. Blue line = stock prices for tried and true corporations (Is that NASDAQ? Here is where my economic literacy is looking a little sketchy.) and red line = stock prices for mostly high-tech sector (Is that the Dow? Or maybe I have them reversed, or it's some other benchmark. Hopefully I get credit for showing my work.)
4 Um, George Costanza is extremely uncomfortable about a man touching him in a therapeutic manner.
5 Looks like the World Trade Center bombing, down in the parking garage. Ah, those were happier times.

Cartophiliac said...

1. Monica Lewinsky had a so-called friend, Linda Tripp, who betrayed a confidence about a consenting adult relationship, and got her and her lover in trouble. It was nobody's goddamn business.

2. A Viagra salseman, who served his country in WWII, served in congress, ran unsuccessfuly for vice-president and president. He lost, in part, because most Americans did not give a crap about what happened in question number one. The philanderer-in-chief was preferable to this old coot.

3. The red line represents the number of erections Bill Clinton had vs. the blue line, the number for Bob Dole... I dunno, something to do with the Dow?

4. The massage, by a man, was giving him an erection? I'm seeing a trend here.

5. Oklahoma City bombing?

Extra bonus: So, is there a question there?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

1) She couldn't felate a president anymore.

2) Bob Dole. I'm a liberal, but I always thought old Bob had a good sense of humor.

3) Economic growth of USA vs Japan? Made that up.

4) He thinks "it" moved.

5) Godzilla is about to strike.

Kritkrat said...

1. Lewinsky under oath
2. Bob Dole - only GOP candidate I would have voted for.
3. I was going to say CO2 in the atmosphere but that doesn't go down in the 2000' I'll steal an answer from the cheater that answered first. Stock markets.
4. IT MOVED!!!
5. World Trade Center

Oh man - McDonald's website was DA BOMB!!!

I'm Outtie5000!!

Ben said...

1. She's getting ready to deliver some embarrassing testimony in the scandal named after her.
2. Bob Dole.
3. (total guess here:) Red = dot-coms (number of them? Revenues?), Blue = some financial index, like, maybe the NASDAQ
4. He's homophobic and concerned about being touched by a man.
5. First bombing of the World Trade Center?

margaret said...

1. Monica Lewinsky, busted doing the president
2. Dan Rather
3. blue: income
red: housing prices?
4. Kostanza getting over his fear of massage by men
5. The Great Dumb Chicago Flood

Michael5000 said...

OK. Our answers are as follows:

1. Monica Lewinsky has, as margaret says, been busted doing the President.

2. As DrSchnell says, it's the Spokesman for Viagra, formerly known as Bob Dole, minority/majority leader of the Senate from Kansas, and hapless presidential candidate in 1996.

3. As Nichim says, it's something to do with the stock market, probably everyone getting all hot in the pocket over internet start-ups. Specifically, the blue tracks the Dow and the red tracks the tech-heavy NASDAQ.

4. As Kadonkadonk says, "IT MOVED!" Or, as Mrs.5000 spelled it out, George Costanza is extremely uncomfortable about a man touching him in a therapeutic manner.

5. As Rebel notes, it reminds me of 9/11 and that stresses [one] out. This is the aftermath of the 1993 bombing, the one that did not topple the World Trade Center office towers.

Michael5000 said...

First of all, commendation to LegalMist for coming clean, and to Kadonkadonk too. Getting an unearned Exclamation Point would have been a endless source of bitterness and shame to you. It is better this way.

Also, a tip of the hat to Nichim who, in an odd sort of way, could be construed as having got all of the answers right. We're certainly not going to construe it that way for present purposes, but if you squint in the right light, it kind of works.

Top honors goes to d, who nailed all five of 'em. Joining him with MQLXIV EPs of their own are DrSchnell, Mrs.5000, and Ben, all of whom hit solid for four and had the basic idea on a fifth.

Mrs.5K stays on top of the leaderboard with 25 EPs, but DrSchnell nips at her heals with 24. With 11 EPs, d moves into 7th place, and with 5 EPs Ben moves into a respectable tie for 18th.

The Calico Cat said...

CR@P _ This is what having a snow day does to ya - make's ya forget about the quizzy. (After number 2, I would have been awful anyway - so not into Seinfeld or the stockmarket...)

Elaine said...

One does not nip at "heals." That would break the scab.
Obviously, you have never been chased by a dog bent on catching you: canines by nature attempt to hamstring the prey...hence the nipping at heels.
I was misled by the first quiz-- obviously, I am hoping for more literature-related tests!
But if you are going to count how many wins each person accumulates, then anyone who cares about a leaderboard would be discouraged from joining in; (you'd never catch up.) I don't mind, but it's just a thought.

MJ said...

Oops, forgot the quiz again. Anyway, i only knew the first answer XD

Michael5000 said...

@Calico: I am embarassed how long it took me to parse "CR@P."

@Elaine: I doubt that anyone much cares about the leaderboard. The blathering on about statistics is merely a rich blog tradition, which is to say something that amuses me. My inexpert spelling is also, by the by, a rich blog tradition.

@MJ: Must have been the snow.

Elaine said...

May I suggest this disclaimer?
This [e-mail] is a natural product made from recycled electrons. The slight variations in spelling and grammar enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way are to be considered flaws or defects.

Rebel said...

Elaine - i need to put that on my blog!