Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday Drivel


I put it in red letters in the sidebar, so am sure you are all excited about the upcoming blog event coming March 22, 2009, when:

michael5000 LiveBlogs Sunday!!!

That's right! Liveblogging, heretofore limited to athletic events, presidential elections, and the like, finally comes home to real life! From Castle5000 and its environs, I'll be giving comprehensive all-day coverage of the back half of the weekend! This will be a fully interactive experience, with readers free to ask questions, make suggestions, or discuss their own experience of Sunday!! It's sure to be the media event of the weekend! For me.


m5K x 24 hrs

Be there and/or be square.


You know how sometimes you see something really quickly out of the corner of your eye, and you get it all wrong? Sure you do.

Well, I was wrestling with the even crappier new Facebook interface earlier this week, and I caught what I thought was a truly remarkable advertisement over on the right side of the screen. Hitting the back button, I discovered that this is what I had REALLY seen:

But what I had THOUGHT I had seen, as you might have already guessed, was this:

With apologies to the organization in question, I can't help but think the ad generated by my subconscious is a bit more.... provocative.

And Thirdly:

Mrs.5000 and I made up a tongue twister! It's fun to say out loud! Try saying it twenty times quickly. Also, drunk.

OK, that's enough out of me.


Yankee in England said...

So with you on the seeing things wrong. Yesterday I passed the Royal College of Anethitist (Sp?) I thought I was passing the Royal College of Anarchist. Had to do a double take. Gave me a giggle walking down the street.

Elizabeth said...

I thought a response in a service bulletin a few weeks ago was to be sung by "a lazy cantor" myself. We lay cantors had to pick up the slack.

Sorry to miss the, um, event of the weekend, but I will be computer-free at Shasta, playing in the snow.

Elaine said...

No, it was the Royal College of AntiChrist, I think.........
And this is my temporary adieu, as I head to darkest Texas. Til April 5th, then!

Rebel said...

please add liberal amounts of beer to your liveblogging extravaganza. ;)

MJ said...

i've just updated my diary, hope i don't miss the event of the month (lately i keep missing every quiz)
funny that you comment on the new facebook, they keep changing things and it's getting more confusing... yet
(La calaca comelona hahaha, i confess had to look up the word "calaca", excellent! just the sound of that name was superb already)

gl. said...

if the liveblogging is successful, i think you would be an excellent twitter candidate.

Kritkrat said...

i hate the 'new' facebook. and twitter.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I needed a mentor like her when I was a kid.

Jenners said...

Hee hee.

And you guys are too weird -- but CUTE weird!

Anonymous said...

I have trouble with tongue twisters while sober. My mouth is on autocomplete sometimes.

I have misread the FB ads too but never with such results. Mine are usually mistaking acai berry for some pill. I hardly noticed the new new look. I don't get there much anymore since the fringe element relatives joined up.

I will be around Sunday to see what is going down here.

You might like Twitter for the resources like various prime ministers and presidents and news outlets. I don't know if you would like it for tweeting or not though. It can get obnoxious. It sure ain't Bartelby's.

fingerstothebone said...

Unfortunately, I'll be at a VERY TOP SECRET conclave on Sunday and so must miss a goodly portion of your extravaganza, I hope it's the part about sports.

Michael5000 said...

@Yank: A Royal College of Anarchism would be delightfully at odds with its own funding stream!

@Eliz: "computer-free"? My condolences....

@Elaine: Bon Voyage!

@Reb: Oh, that's your answer to everything....

@MJ: Did you have to look it up because the word is different in Portuguese than in Spanish, or is it different between Mexican and Iberian Spanish? (Sorry -- language geek here)

@gl.: I've ignored the whole concept of "twitter," as it is my understanding that it involves cell phones?

@Kadonk: New new Facebook blows even worse than new Facebook blew.

@Dr. Ken: That's what your girlfriend was telling me. Zing!

@Jenners: We're delightfully individual! And Bohemian! And we vote!

@fingers: Did the Pope die? I didn't even know you were a Cardinal.

gl. said...

m5k: fortunately, you can twitter via its website, one of the numerous downloadable clients -- or, if you insist, a cell phone.

boo: all my FB ads are about weight loss. ugh.

MJ said...

language geeks of the world unite!
according to the dictionary of the royal academy that word is only used in Mexico and Honduras (how it jumps countries in Central America is a mystery)
i'm Spanish but spent my childhood in Panama and had never ever heard that word in my life! languages are simply amazing :)