Tuesday, August 18, 2009

michael5000 minus michael5000

I believe I've gone on record with the opinion that Garfield Minus Garfield is among the strangest and most amusing of the many delights that greet us here in the metaverse. Having some time to kill a few weeks ago, I decided to find out just how much work goes into removing the beloved overweight feline from his eponymous strip. Loading that day's installment into Microsoft Paint (a sophisticated graphic design program in the use of which my skillz are legend) I found out: Not much work at all!
I'd be willing to concede, though, that there might be some creative work involved in selecting the strips that will actually turn out to be funny.

Having created my very own "G - G," I decided to try out the concept on other strips and see if it had universally hilarious comic potential. Here, for instance, is the classic first installment of "Doonesbury" -- minus Mike Doonesbury!

Verdict: NOT FUNNY

Next up: Two day's worth of Dilbert -- minus Dilbert!

VERDICT: No better than the original.

I thought sure that The Family Circus would offer up some surreal laffs, minus The Family:

VERDICT: Not funny!

Finally, I turned to that most beloved of classic comic strips, Peanuts -- minus the Peanuts! Except, that didn't make sense. So I went with the classic Charlie Brown and Lucy scenario -- minus Lucy!

VERDICT: When I finished this one, I remember feeling that I had made something not only hilarious, but with a certain psychological depth to it. In retrospect, this was probably just a side effect of too much time spent messing around with Microsoft Paint.

Note: If Garfield Minus Garfield is not to your liking, perhaps you will enjoy the machine-translator surrealism of Garfield: Lost in Translation.


Rebel said...

The Peanuts one is fairly profound actually... and sums up how I feel about life at times.

The Family Circle one though cracks me up...I think it works better with the victim of the 'slidewalk' out of the picture, I can imagine him flat on his back just out of frame in a pathetic "I've fallen and I can't get up" manner.

Elaine said...

Yes, M5000, way too much time on your hands.... time better spent on quilting!

Dug said...

I think you've inhaled too much of that Microsoft Paint. However, I really like the shadow on the floor in the Family Circus. It lends a nice air of mystery to an otherwise ordinary Bil scene.

KarmaSartre said...

I enjoyed these. Richard Pryor had a variety show with some very funny bits. One was "and the Pips" doing "Midnight Train to Georgia" (no Gladys Knight):


Libby said...

Yeah the Family Circus - Family is the one that made me laugh out loud

Michael5000 said...

You guys have kind of sold me on The Family Circus one. I... think there's something wrong with me...

Aviatrix said...

I laughed out loud at Dilbert and FC. The latter was just on how silly it was that the background art alone would have anything to convey.

margaret said...

I'm late chiming in, but the Family Circle also had me lol. I believe you've actually improved 1,000 percent on the original.

Jenners said...

And this is why I like you so much.

And weren't you the one who gave me Family Circle comics with profane captions typed in? I still have those somewhere ... they are freakin' hilarious. In my mind, I got them from you.