Monday, August 24, 2009

Obligatory Tuesday

Tuesday is of course Great Movies day, but the Great Movies have been taking August off. In the unlikely event that you miss my ramblings about scripted narrative productions, you can mosey on over to the Shakespeare blog today and thrill to my very first write-up of a live Shakespeare experience. We saw Henry VIII at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I shoot my mouth off about it at considerable length, here.

Monday Night Weigh-In!

Fitness-Type Activities Engaged in this week: I've been running a lot, getting up to four and five miles in relative comfort, so that's good. I've been looking on maps for parks and little landmarks about two miles from home, and then running out to "discover" them. It's surprising how many places there are fairly close that I didn't know about. Not incredibly exciting places or anything, just... places.

Diet-Type Activities: Smaller portions! And not a single coffeesugarbomb since last we met!

Tomatoes: I think the tomato experiment is over. And a failure. Maybe I'll try to eat slugs next.

Weight: 206.0 lbs, which is -0.2 lbs from a week ago. Not a dramatic drop, but it's nice to see that last week's drop wasn't a total fluke.


Elaine said...

I am sure you can find some good slug recipes in the sequel to The Joy of Cooking--i.e., The Misery of Cooking.

Would these be the large and colorful famed Banana Slugs of the Pacific Northwest?

(Double Dog Dare!)

Anonymous said...

If you are serious about eating slugs, you might get in touch with the lovely Miss Snail Pail:

The Calico Cat said...

Escargot - an "edible" snail relative... not that I'd ever consider it - ever.

Elaine said...

Oh, escargot are FABulous! But they are not slugs.
We have some very large brindled-looking slugs here in Arkansas. Let me know, M5000; I am sure they'd ship just fine!

d said...

slugs might foster a newfound endearment for tomatoes.

Sarah Nopp said...

I have decided to become a geocacher in the vague hope I will become ridiculously obsessed and trick myself into dropping some lbs.