Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Monday Quiz LXXXVI

Art of the Nineteenth Century

It's Art History time again, people! Once again, you've got seven shots to make five. It'll be tough. The painter or the correct title will get you full marks; anything else you can dredge up or speculate might get you partial credit.








Paint your answers in the comments.


Elaine said...

Oh, my. Well, here goes...
1. The light suggests Manet, but Gauguin had a period of trying this type of brushwork...and the hut suggests Tahiti. Let's try Paul Gauguin.
2. Georges Seurat (even though I do not see dots; I don't have the fanciest monitor on the block.)
3. Luncheon on the Grass (Dejeuner...Well, I don't know the French title.) And I am blanking out on the painter; after all, it IS 3:30 a.m. Phooey. Ingres seems wrong; Degas is wrong.... A mind is a terrible thing to lose; how true that is...
4. Vincent Van Gogh's Cypresses
5. Ewww. It's depressing enough to be Daumier, but too modern for that. I am not sure I want to know...
6. Hmmm Nuns at The Cross...No clue
7. Another mystery... William Osler, Father of Modern Surgery? Oh, John Singer Sargent? That's my best shot.

(hanging head, melting away into the dark....)

Elaine said...

Oops, I forgot to guess #2's title. Le Plage? Looks like a beach on a lake to me, anyway.
Somehow I doubt I am helping my score..

Eversaved said...

1- Monet. This is one of a series he did of the same field at different times of day. It was a study in the effects of light on color.
2- Seurat
3- ?
4- van Gogh
5- Goya. This particular one is called, "Saturn Devouring His Son" and he painted it after going deaf. When he lost his hearing, his palette changed and he started painting using mostly blacks and whites.
6- ?
7- ?
The only other thing I can drag up is that 4 and 7 appear to be in the Romantic tradition (realistic, high contrast between) whereas 6 represents an obvious move towards impressionism.

Christine M. said...

1. Claude Monet
2. Goerges Seurat
3. Edouard Manet
4. Vincent Van Gogh
5. Francisco Goya
6. Paul Gaugain
7. Thomas Eakins

Elizabeth said...

1. Monet, "Haystack" or probably "La Meule."
2. That guy that did the painting they used in "Sunday in the Park with George" - oh, wait, Seurat, then? And this would be "Foolishly bathing downstream from the factories, and ew, he's drinking the river water?"
3. "Dejeuner sur l'Herbe" but no clue on the artist.
4. Van Gogh, "Twisty Spruce".
5. Yikes!
6. "Rural Jesus"
7. "Thank God for 21st Century Surgical Techniques"

Elaine said...

Among other "Well, duh" moments: Paul Gaugin SIGNED #6, very visibly. But is this the entire painting?
Manet, Monet, tsk tsk. Always with the wrong Man at the wrong time.
@Elizabeth --totally loving your answers! Makes me want more art quizzes!

Rebel said...

1. Monet - one of his Haystack series, something like Haystacks at dawn maybe?
2. Seurat ... don't know how he spells it but rhymes with 'the dot' as in pointilism.
3. Manet, the luncheon... check out that saucy girl checking *you* out checking *her* out... scandalous!
4. Van Gogh... no idea on the title though Juniper Trees?
5. NO idea!
6. Gaugain? The colors look like van gogh.. but it's just not his style... plus the signature looks like it's got a couple of "G"s in it. ;)
7. clueless again... let's say... Rembrant just for the heck of it.

d said...

1 claude monet. 'haystack, number___' i believe was the title. this was one in a series.
2 georges seurat. 'sunday afternoon' or some such nonsense.
3 i don't remember the painter or the name, but there was much discussion in class about how the women are naked, but the men are clothed. and what all that meant.
4 obviously van gogh. no idea the title.
5 shit. this one. it's about the titans devouring their father.
6 no clue
7 probably a dutch dude.

The Calico Cat said...

1 - Monet
2 - Seurat
3 - Manet
4 - Van Gogh
5 -
6 - Gaugin
7 -

I am happy enough to know some of the dudes names without worrying about the titles...

fingerstothebone said...

1. Monet
2. Seurat (sp?)
3. Manet
4. Van Gogh
5. Goya
6. Gauguin
7. You've done this one before...and I still can't remember.

mrs.5000 said...

1 That looks like Monet. Say, Haystack in Early Morning.
2 Seurat. The Bathers, or The Bathers at Something Something.
3 Uh, that's Manet, I've finally learned. I think. I'm going to stop pretending I can come up with the titles.
4 Van Gogh. The Cypresses.
5 Goya, in his Casa del Cerdo years. Man, get that poor old painter a good caseworker and some antidepressants.
6 Gaugin.
7 Lordy, you'd think I'd know this one by now. It's by Copley, I think? Actually I think I'm wrong, but no other name is coming to me. Anyway it's Dr. Gross, Anatomy or something to that effect.

mrs.5000 said...

Ah, I remember who did #7! It's not Copley, it's Thomas Eakins. A little "E" synapse was flashing earlier, but I couldn't attach it to anything until after, you know, I had watered the tomatoes and made myself a cup of tea.

Ben said...

Can it be that there are more than one painting by the same artist?

1. Looks like Van Gogh. But so does #4. Dang. I'll guess Monet.
2. Seurat
3. Manet?
4. Van Gogh (again?)
5. I'm blanking on the name, but I think it's a Spanish painter and that he also painted a scene of people being shot by a firing squad--he painted a lot about the horrors of war.
6. If my eyes were better, I might be able to read the signature. Gaughan?
7. Degas

Chance said...

1. Wanna say Gauguin --- it's his subject --- though it looks more like Monet's style.
2. Suerat, Bathers at Asnieres
3. Manet, lunch on the grass
4. Van gogh, obviously. Dunno title.
5. goya, saturn devouring his son
6. Okay, this is Gauguin, The Yellow Christ. No idea what #1 is then.
7. rembrandt, anatomy lesson.

Chance said...

Okay, just looked at the answers above. That's Monet's Haystacks. I'm an idiot.

balaywho said...

Yay, art history...

1. Monet
2. Seraut (bad spelling, but you know who I mean)
3. Manet "Dejuener sur l'herb"
4. VanGogh
5. Goya
6. Chagal
7. Whistler (?) or maybe Sargeant.

Michael5000 said...

Well, let's see here....

1. This is one of Monet's Haystack series.

2. This is by Seurat, and it's called... um... "Bathers at Asnières." Although, I usually see it just as "Bathers."

3. Manet's "Dejeuner sur l'Herbe" or "Picnic on the Grass," which really is ~dreadfully~ important but I can't explain it very well so ask a real art historian sometime.

4. Van Gogh's "Cypresses," which I always want to call "Cedars" even though they don't especially look like cedars.

5. Goya, "Saturn Devouring His Children." Goya was a lot of fun in later life....

6. Gauguin, "The Yellow Christ." So named because it's a painting of Christ, who is painted in yellow.

7. Eakins, "The Gross Clinic." Chosen because it's rather boss, and also because I wanted to get an American painting in the mix. USA!!! USA!!!

Michael5000 said...

OK, WELL DONE PEOPLE! Kudos first to four who strove and got so close, but fell centimeters short of the goal: Elaine, Eversaved, Elizabeth, and d.

Hats off to superartstud la gringissima who made it look effortless, nailing 7 of 7. Mrs.5000 got 7 of 7 too, but made it look kind of hard; Honorable Vice Dork Emeritus fingerstothebone was right up there too. And also getting Exclamation Points this week for General Arty Dorkiness are: Rebel, Ben, balaywho, Calico, and -- it must be the end of summer -- Chance.

Again, well done you cultured marvels.

Michael5000 said...

p.s. Did I really use "The Gross Clinic" before? Because I only found out about it a few weeks ago. Maybe I used "the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Whatsit" (Tulp?) in an earlier century?

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you did--it happened right after there was a reference to it on some NYT article...but then again, maybe it was The Anatomy I'm all confused.