Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Musashi Read-Along: an Invitation/Apology-in-Advance

L&TM5K Vice-Dork Jenners, who has a pop-bibliophile blog going with readership numbers that make me seethe in envy, has determined to take on the hefty Japanese saga Musashi. She has, either because she cherishes the positive atmosphere engendered by taking on an intellectual undertaking in supportive company, or because she needs someone to explain the big words to her, asked for others to read along with her.

Well, I'm always up for a project.

Somewhat to my surprise, I'm also signing on to Jenners' ambitious publication schedule for the project, which goes like so.
September 20-28 -- Book I: Earth (106 pages) (Write a post by Oct. 2)
September 29-October 7 -- Book II: Water (120 pages) (Write a post by Oct. 11)
October 8-17 -- Book III: Fire (151 pages) (Write a post by Oct. 20)
October 18-26 -- Book IV: Wind (188 pages) (Write a post by Oct. 30)
October 27 - November 4 -- Book V: Sky (169 page) (Write a post by Nov. 8)
November 5-13 -- Book VI: Sun and Moon (112 pages) (Write a post by Nov. 18)
November 14-22 -- Book VII: The Perfect Light (124 pages) (Write final post by Nov. 30)

The invitation part is: hey, why not join the read-along! You were looking for a book to read anyway (and Musashi is actually said to be a highly accessible, non-threatening sort of read). And you can just ignore the "write a post" part.

Sign up by (1) getting your paws on a copy of Musashi (mandatory) and (2) signing up here (optional).

The apology-in-advance is for all the upcoming Musashi content. I'll keep it short, and kind of fit it into the cracks so you won't be deprived of the flag criticism, bogus countries, boring postcards, documentation of my teddy bear's adventures, and surly movie reviews that you've come to count on.


UnwiseOwl said...

I was disappointed when I heard you weren't joining in the "foo-foo book blogging", so well done you.

Jennifer said...

Sorry! I just signed up for a Don Quixote collaborative reading challenge (which was very nearly an Infinite Jest challenge), and I don't think I can do both of them at once.

UnwiseOwl said...

That picture looks an awful lot like a cheesy grin TM, there, Michael.

Jenners said...

Hmmm...not a good way to start a readalong by insulting your hostess. ("because she needs someone to explain the big words to her").


Love that photo though so that perhaps evens it out.