Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Six Things That, If They Were True, Would Dramatically Alter the Way You Feel About the L&TM5K

1. "Michael5000" is a complex AI algorithm designed by a team of graduate students at Cal Tech to generate random content and modify it over time in response to reader feedback.

2. Michael5000 enjoys writing but has no patience for reading. He commissions all of his book reviews from an online term paper mill.

3. Michael5000 is unmarried, and has not dated since his fiance' was killed in a tragic automobile accident 20 years ago.

4. The Forgotten Lands are fakes.

5. In the "Song of the American Road" feature, the first letters of the words in the message on the second postcard always spell out a pithy quip.

6. Frequent commenter la gringissima, the one who won all those quizzes? That's Michael5000's sock-puppet account.


UnwiseOwl said...

Oh man. Gold.
You...I am scared now.

Cartophiliac said...

The sock puppet thing... I could believe.

Forgotten Lands? No way!

Yankee in England said...

Wish you had posted the comment about the forgotten lands about a year ago when I started questioning how much I had forgotten from my college geography class because I had not heard of ANY of the forgotten lands. :)
Speaking of sock puppets I miss the monkey. Have not had any videos from him for a while.

Aviatrix said...

How they would alter my feelings about the blog:

4. Not at all
5. So little I can't be bothered to check if it's true
6. A bit
3. Somewhat
2. A fair amount
1. Dramatically

Jenners said...

Actually, none of this would surprise me one little bit.

And I'm so stealing this.