Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poetry Corner

I recently had the opportunity of reading a poem I had written out loud, in front of an audience.  It was an event connected with this exhibit at 23 Sandy, Portland's excellent book arts-focused gallery here on the beautiful East Side.  I highly recommend the installation for you City of Roses people in the crowd -- hey!  Tomorrow night's the artist's reception!  Maybe I'll see you there!

Anyway, I had never done a poetry reading before, so it was scary as hell.  Fortunately the audience was upbeat, receptive, and unarmed, so it was a good experience. And it generated a new poem, albeit a very short one, which you are about to read in its world premiere!

After the Reading

“It was good,” she said.
“I could hardly tell it rhymed.”


Aviatrix said...

That's awesome. I understand the comment, a commendation on both your writing and your reading.

gl. said...

congratulations! i left a card posted on the "defining success" collection; see if you can find it!

also, i take it this means we won't be seeing you at sven's animation festival. maybe later this weekend?

Michael5000 said...

gl.: THANK YOU! And, I have SUCH a packed schedule this weekend -- Mrs.5K teaching, my youth graduating, etc -- AND, I'm hoping I can carve out some time on Saturday. It's very much on my radar.

gl. said...

yeah: in hindsight, first weekend in june may not have been the best choice. :) fortunately, sven will also have a 1-night "best of the fest" at the hollywood theatre in september.

jovaliquilts said...

I pointed my DD to your post and she replied that it reminded her of one of her favorite poems:

My Wife Reads the Paper at Breakfast on the Birthday of the Scottish Poet
by Miller Williams

Poet Burns to Be Honored, the headline read.
She put it down. “They found you out,” she said.