Thursday, December 29, 2011

Element of the Year 2011: The Voting

Wow, wasn't it an exciting year in Chemistry?  Yes it was!  And now it is time once again to select the Element of the Year!

It's never easy.  We investigated twelve more extremely excellent elements this year, and I know we'll all have a hard time deciding which is our favorite.

January: Mo -- Molybdenum
February: Tl -- Thallium
March: B -- Boron
April: Cr -- Chromium
May: N -- Nitrogen
June: Es -- Einsteinium
July: Nb -- Niobium
August: Lr -- Lawrencium
September: Np -- Neptunium  
October: Yb -- Ytterbium
November: Tb -- Terbium
December: K -- Potassium
Or to see 'em all at once, click here.

How will we decide?  Same as last year!  YOU, that's right YOU, gentle reader, may pick your first, second, and third favorites, and make your votes in the comments (or send 'em in by boring postcard, or by whatever means you prefer communicating with the IAT (formerly L&TM5K)).



Elizabeth said...

I vote for the shiny silver metallic one.

Morgan said...

In descending order of preference.

1. I have an affinity for Nitrogen, because it is essential for my continued existence.
2. I enjoy Niobium for its crystalline structure.
3. I am moderately charmed by Lawrencium, because it probably doesn't exist at this exact moment in time (although I haven't called every single chemistry lab in the world to find out)

gl. said...

i guess i believe in the classics:

also: "IAT (formerly L&TM5K))". not forever, i hope!

pfly said...

Boron, because it's the Fifth Element.

Voron X said...

1. Boron
2. Neptunium
3. Chromium

Much love for Potassium and Nitrogen, but familiarity breeds contempt, I guess.

mrs.5000 said...

Having eschewed the Fakey Elements and the Swedish Detective Elements, I'll let the rest clink around a bit and draw out...
3 Chromium, for the pretty colors and the bathroom hardware
2 Potassium, for the most Kafkaesque symbol
1 Nitrogen, because it's always there for me. Apparently.
Special nod to molybdenum for the family connections.

lamanyana said...

1) Ytterbium (for it's name)
2) Potassium (for having the Symbol "K" and for being something that I actually think about occasionally)
3) Nitrogen (for it's ubiquity)

Nichim said...

1. Nitrogen.
2. Nitrogen.
3. Nitrogen.

All hail the triple bond!